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Effective Tips To Secure A Payraise

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work Wouldn’t it be nice if we all earned a little more money? Some people believe that a pay raise is out of their grasp, but anybody can secure a pay rise eventually if they really want one. The following tips are some of the most effective for securing a pay rise. Enjoy!

Ask At The Right Time

Finding a good time to ask for a pay rise could seem a little difficult, but there are certain times that are more appropriate than others. You can ask whenever you like, but you might find it better to ask at a performance review, as it’ll come more naturally in a setting like this. The end of the financial year is also a good time, especially if you feel you’ve made a big difference to the success of the business. As a rule, though, make sure you don’t ask too frequently. More than once a year could be considered too much. Make sure you make the most of opportunities to ask when they do come up.

Make A Compelling Case

It only makes sense for you to make a compelling case while asking for a payrise. Using many of the same techniques used in an interview process will help you here. Watch your body language, and make sure you speak clearly and deliberately. Be professional. You can start off by talking about something you have done successfully and enjoyed, which will stand you in good stead. You need good reasons to show you are deserving of a rise, so make sure you’ve really thought about what you’re going to say.

Don’t Be Afraid To Aim High

Aiming high is a good idea. Asking for more than what you would like is a good negotiation strategy, but make sure you don’t come across as arrogant or make an unrealistic request. Don’t expect an answer straight away either, as your boss will need to check statistics and maybe ask for more opinions to make a decision. It could be a good idea to give an indication you have other options, so you could suggest a date you would like an answer by.

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Go Beyond What Is Expected Of You

In exchange for your payrise, make sure you make it clear that you’re willing to take on more responsibility. This will give your boss an incentive to agree to your pay raise.

Find Out What Others Are Being Paid

Although you won’t get a pay rise just because others are being paid more, it can help you to come up with a figure and work out what you’re worth. Women in the workplace don’t always get paid the same as men, so it could be a good idea to find that out.

Don’t Give Up

You may need to be prepared to fight your corner a bit. Don’t give up if your boss doesn’t agree right away. Make sure you take on board what you need to do for your next performance evaluation and have another case ready.

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