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How to Deal with Drug Addiction at the Workplace

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How to Deal with Drug Addiction at the WorkplaceProtecting Businesses

Businesses must be aware of the laws protecting employees concerning drug abuse in their geographic regions. Contacting a substance abuse professional to create a written document for your employees is the best plan. Many employers require an employee to sign a workplace policy concerning drug use. This document can protect an employer from legal action when dismissing an employee. However, an employer has other obligations to a drug addicted employee before a dismissal. A drug addicted worker has the right to specialized medical treatment before dismissal for substance abuse. This means the employee must be allowed medical leave and accommodation according to government guidelines.

Drug Testing Plans

It is common for companies to test employees for drugs before hiring. This easily eliminates most individuals who are currently using illegal drugs. Annual drug testing of employees can be helpful in preventing illegal drug use. However, many employees will cease using drugs temporarily to prevent having a positive test. Random testing is a preventative measure that often keeps employees from considering the use of illegal drugs. Employers must make sure their geographic region allows random testing. Substance abuse testing is usually a requirement for medical insurance purposes after an accident at work. Drug testing for cause requires written documentation of witnesses who have observed odd behavior to prevent discrimination accusations.

Drug Abuse Training

Employers may be legally required to provide information, training and assistance concerning drug abuse to their employees. This can include training employees at meetings, with computer tutorials, or posters in an employee break room. Information can include the types of drugs that are illegal, signs of substance dependence, substance abuse treatment facilities and other information. Employers should teach that other employees are responsible for reporting substance abuse at work to assist in preventing accidents and injuries. Your business should also create a written policy concerning alcohol consumption by employees while they are working. Reach out to the Melbourne treatment centers for more information and guidance.

Helping Addicted Employees

Human resources, managers and bosses must approach a worker who is displaying odd behavior privately. Strange behavior may include sleepiness, mood swings, tardiness or frequent absences. The employee may actually be taking prescription medication, or have a health condition. Many employers are legally required to accommodate employees with health conditions. Failing to assist a disabled employee can lead to lawsuits. An employee who wins a lawsuit can receive financial compensation. Employees with health conditions can be transferred to other areas of the company that do not involve machinery, equipment or transportation.

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