How to Get Some Downtime at Work Without Getting Caught

posted in: Office | 0 needs a little downtime at work every now and then. In fact, it’s a good idea to take a much-needed break from the difficult tasks at hand in order to stretch the body and release tension in the brain while relaxing the mind and eyes for a few minutes at a time throughout the workday. Otherwise, you risk ruining your posture, stressing out your body, and dealing with a variety of painful conditions, such as joint stiffness, eyestrain, migraines, and negative moods.

But how can you achieve your downtime on the job without getting caught by your boss? Continue reading for a few tips.

Install Spreadtweet

Spreadtweet is an innovative little program that looks like a spreadsheet but is actually a way to post tweets while you are sitting at your desk. If you regularly work on spreadsheets throughout the day, you can have Spreadtweet open without anyone being the wiser to your clever trick.

Attach a Rear-view Mirror to Your Monitor

If your boss or a co-worker ever snuck up on you while you were slacking off on the job, you probably wished that you had eyes on the back of your head so that you could have avoided the embarrassing faux pas altogether. Well, have you ever thought of installing a mirror on the corner of your computer’s monitor so that you can use it to keep close watch on who is walking towards you? Use Velcro to attach it to your monitor, but get a small mirror that gives you just enough of a view without making it obvious what you are up to. This trick comes in especially handy if you are a woman, as you can always use the excuse that you want to check up on how you look throughout the day.

Read a Book on Your Computer

Switch to eBooks so that you can bring your favorite novel to work with you and read it during your breaks between important tasks. This is a great way to continue finishing those chapters while appearing as though you are reading an important work-related document. Be sure to switch to a different program if you do sense a boss or manager coming by, just in case.

Use a Proxy to Access Blocked Sites on the Internet

If you have access to the Internet and you want to take a few minutes, even if it is during lunch, to catch up on one of your favorite TV shows or you want to watch a few music videos or just listen to the music as it streams from YouTube, these are all great ways to relax and rejuvenate the mind. You may even be tempted to check out what’s going on your social media pages. But the problem is that a lot of these recreational websites are blocked on work computers in order to prevent workers from slacking off. So how can you get away with it? Simply use a proxy for US residents that will allow you access blocked sites with ease.

Stacey Walker is a freelance writer who has used tactics like proxy servers to access blocked websites during much-needed breaks throughout the workday in the past. Remember, it’s important to give the mind and body a rest or else the stress will be more than you can handle.

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