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How to Handle Self Employed Accidents at Work

Self employed individuals who have an accident at work often assume that they are to blame and have no right to compensation, regardless of the circumstances surrounding their accident. While it is a fact that you may not be employed by a company, corporation, or the government, the vast majority of self employed individuals are employed as independent contractors. They work for hire and are answerable to their employers even though they do not receive benefits or a pay slip at the end of the week or month.

In the farming and construction industry, you will find many independent contractors who worry about self employed accidents at work. You will be happy to know that many such cases have been won successfully and gotten compensation benefits for the employee.

There are certain safeguards that each individual should take to ensure and guarantee their own personal safety. However, when a self employed person has an accident at work you should not be quick to assume you have no rights. If the accident occurs at work, then you were probably carrying out the instructions given to you by the individual or company that contracted your services.

You are in whatever location they assigned you to work, doing the task they assigned, and probably were using the equipment they provided to do so. It is therefore very easy and perfectly reasonable to see who is to blame if the tools or equipment provided or the area you were assigned to work turns out to be unsafe or dangerous.

Construction and other work sites where you can commonly find self employed individuals are by nature very busy. There are lots of different activities taking place at the same time being carried out by different individuals. There are woodworkers, plumbers, electricians, painters, welders, roofers, a foreman, other contractors and subcontractors.

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Accidents are common place in circumstances like this and can be attributed to any number of causes, persons, situations or possible combinations. It is important not to make assumptions about the cause or result of your accident. Your job is to ensure your health and safety by seeking immediate medical attention and then seeking legal representation to help you with the rest.

Regardless of where you work, at someone’s home, or on another job site such as in construction or agriculture, they are all considered as work or job sites. Many individuals who own their own company as well as people who work in or on someone’s home often make the mistake of thinking otherwise. They are very often the victims of self employed accidents and receive no compensation because they are quick to assume they have no recourse.

If you fall off the roof, get hurt while using faulty equipment, a building or roof collapses, you slip and fall, break a limb, or hurt your back, it really does not matter what the circumstances are.

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