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Procrastination and Your Office

Procrastination is one of those nouns that are never good. Rarely does anyone say that they are glad they procrastinated about getting some task done or how happy they are that someone else delayed doing something that they were supposed to do.

Procrastination is simply delaying a task that can be done now. When you put off doing things, your work will pile up and you will find yourself under the gun for time. You may rationalize this by saying that you work best under pressure, however, in today’s work environment; the employees who enjoy the most job security are those who get the most done. If you procrastinate with your own tasks you are never available to take on extra work. This limits the opportunities you have to make your supervisors see how indispensable you are.

The other drawback with procrastination is that it creates a vicious cycle. You get overwhelmed with the work that has piled up and you don’t know where to start so you put off starting, thereby intensifying the problem. Such actions create a physical accumulation of documents, files and paperwork, making your workspace untidy and intimidating. If your work is mostly online, procrastination can lead to an inbox that is clogged and intimidating.

Conquer your procrastination habit by setting mini-goals for yourself and eliminating distractions. Tackle one area at a time and before you know it, you will be on your way to getting out from under the backlog of work piling up in your office.

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