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Smaller Staff Equals More Work

As more and more cuts are made to the workforce of practically every industry, firms are left with smaller teams to do the same amount of work and sometimes even more. Sales teams have to work harder than ever in many companies to get the contracts that are out there. Competition is high and many businesses are finding that it takes a lot more effort to secure the work necessary to keep their doors open. In addition, as employees are being let go, someone needs to take on the tasks the exiting person was doing. What this means is lots of work for fewer people.

The number one tip for anyone out there who is still working at a company where there have been cuts is to work harder than ever to keep your name off the list for the next round of cuts. If you are the first person to ask where you can help out when your own tasks are finished, you’ll be sending the message to management that you are a hard worker and can pull more than your own weight. Never gripe about being overworked. Instead, be thankful that you still have a job and a paycheck. Don’t use up all your sick leave and vacation time, you may need it later and doing so leaves a bad impression with others who are working extra hard. Finally, don’t be the first one out the door when your day ends. Stay later and work through lunch hours without extra pay. It’s a great way to show that you are one of those employees your company just can’t do without.

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