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Telecommuting: Six Advantages of Letting Your Employees Work at Home

TelecommutingToday’s professional workforce is increasingly more mobile. Due to all of technological advancements in virtually every industry, the business world has begun to embrace telecommuting. In fact, all these professionals need is a laptop and a mobile phone and they can work from nearly anywhere. Businesses wanting to keep up with the changing times should consider professional programs that incorporate telecommuting. Here are at least six advantages of letting your employees work at their homes.

1 Remain Competitive

Today’s professionals are part of a mobile society. As more innovations are produced, the trends in both large and small companies going the way of business telecom services. Companies that want to remain competitive will also need to embrace these new technologies.


2 Go Green

Allowing employees to work from home, helps save on gas and energy costs for offices. If employees can work from anywhere, a company does not need to supply an office with heating, air conditioning, and power for laptops and other electronic devices. This is good for the environment and good for cost.


3 Flexible Scheduling

Typically, a telecommuter may travel to their offices at least 1 to 3 days a week. The rest of the week, they may work remotely from the home or other places that will provide them with remote access. These flexible schedules will allow employees to incorporate their personal lives into their work lives providing better work-home balance.


4 Increase in Productivity

Though telecommuting allows the employees to benefit greatly from these arrangements, what does the numbers say? Reports show an increase in employee productivity. Both employees and supervisors agree that the productivity is better when working from home and it is often more effective. One of the top reasons for these results is it eliminates all of the unnecessary in office distractions and allows employees to work in their most productive environment.

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5 More Time Available for Projects and Other Assignments

Many times people have to travel an hour or more to get to the office. For professional staff members, this is normally time wasted that they could spend working. Therefore, when an employee does not have to travel to the office, they can spend more time getting things accomplished.


6 Builds Employee Loyalty Among Top Performers

Another great benefit of using these programs is employee loyalty. Competitors are always looking for the top performing employees, internally and externally. This is why most successful companies hire headhunters to find top employees to fill specific positions. So, when an employee already has the freedom that they need in the current organization, its not easy to lose valued employees.

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