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The Night Shift: Top Tips For Remaining Safe

nightwork Dismissing the clandestine work of PI’s and super spies, let’s assume if you are working at night, then you are in a job that might involve roadway construction or hospital shift work. There are certain hazards that can arise when working late at night. These include poor visibility, tiredness, the glare of lights and getting home safely. Let’s take a look at some of the precautions you can take to remain safe on the night shift.

Roadway Construction

One of the big benefits of roadway construction being undertaken at night is less volume of road traffic.  Construction is easy enough to carry out at night, but there are certain hazards to it as well. If you are doing a night job in construction, then make sure that the company you are working for offers the correct training on safety procedures. Make sure that the correct levels of lighting have been put in place and that you never work alone. Also, ensure that you are provided with or buy the appropriate high visibility work wear. Companies such as selectequip offer high vis trousers, jackets, and suits. These feature the latest technology of phosphorescent reflective tape. This doesn’t require any batteries or wires and can be charged in just five minutes with natural or artificial light. You also want to make sure you are given the correct footwear, headgear and eye protection too. Do not work on roads unless clear signage has been put up directing motorists where to go and where not to go. And make sure that space drums and cones have been put in place too. Also, ensure that the company you are working for has put the correct lighting in place for the work you are doing. Night work lighting is measured by foot candles, and you can learn more about this right here.

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Hospital Work

Hospital workers including nurses, emergency services and doctors have to endure long and arduous hours that often involve night shifts. It’s a tough job, and you are often on your feet for hours at a time. If you are working night shifts, always make sure that there is a correct rotation of shifts to avoid permanent night work. The period of night work should last for some time before shifting to day work else your circadian rhythm will constantly be trying to adjust. Always allow two nights full sleep if you are switching from day to night shifts. Otherwise, you will experience worker’s fatigue which can cause low alertness and mistakes. If you are working a night shift and driving home or taking public transport, always let someone know what time you are finishing. And also let them know when you arrive home. This applies no matter how old you are! If there is no family around you can share the text or phone call with a work colleague on the same shift. As soon as you are at home try and go straight to sleep to get into a routine and not mount up too much sleep debt. While working, the night shift make sure you are exposed to bright light as this can help improve alertness. And always make sure you are hydrated and make healthy and nutritious food choices a priority.

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