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What Is Repetitive Strain Injury?

Repetitive strain injuries are injuries that stem from the repeated use of a limb or any part of the body that is used continuously over and over again. It results in pain and tingling of the area. The most common spots that experience repetitive strain injuries are the arms, wrists, and hands. Sitting at a computer and typing day after day can result in what is known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is a form of RSI.

Contributing factors to repetitive strain injuries are poor posture, excessive force, and not taking frequent breaks while performing the task. The exact reason why a person develops repetitive strain injury has not been ascertained. It is believed to be caused by the lack of movement of the tendons and muscles.

There is usually no inflammation, swelling, or other symptoms of repetitive strain injuries, other than the severe tingling, loss of feeling, and numbness in the area that is affected. Some of the most effective treatments include discontinuing the task, making improvement to the work area, taking painkillers, and for the more severe type, physiotherapy.

Lack of exercise can cause the muscles to become somewhat tense, doing these tasks without adequate exercise can result in the above mentioned symptoms. Other people who perform the exact same tasks and exercise their muscles, joints, and limbs frequently will probably not develop these injuries.

Workplace stress or psychosocial factors in the workplace can also bring on repetitive strain injuries. If the RSI develops at home, then it is not usually severe as the work that is done from the home is minimal. Workplace related RSI is a lot more severe because of the bulk of work that needs to be done methodically, over and over again.

Stress is known to increase tension and contribute to bodily pains. People who are prone to RSI are people who operate computers, type, play musical instruments, or factory workers. People who use machines are also sufferers of RSI. If you are suffering from repetitive strain injury that is caused by tasks you complete at work, then you should seek guidance from the repetitive strain injury solicitors to find out if you qualify for compensation.

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Repetitive strain injury can last for a long time if it goes untreated. The tingling and numbness can go on and off for years without you knowing just what is causing it. It is best to get it diagnosed and treated to avoid a recurrence, especially if it is work related. You want to make sure that your employers are held liable if they have nothing in place to prevent this from happening, or getting you the best help in the event that it has.

The solicitors at Hilary Meredith are capable individuals who will see to it that you are fully compensated for your repetitive strain injury. For over twenty years, they have been instrumental in getting the redress that is needed when someone suffers from an accident at work, motor vehicle accident injuries, personal injury, military injuries and other types of injuries. As long as they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a third party is at fault, you will receive a speedy settlement.

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