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What Not to Do at the Office

You’re probably tired of hearing about how the recession is affecting so many things, especially the job market. If you have a job and even if you feel pretty secure in it, you may still want to take notice to some common-sense type tips of things not to do at the office.

  1. Don’t use your work time to update your social media. It is embarrassingly easy for your boss or coworkers to prove that you have been wasting company time doing so.
  2. Don’t spend inordinate amounts of time on personal phone calls. Productivity is key and while companies understand that their employees have personal lives also, it is important to keep it in perspective and limit personal calls to the bare minimum.
  3. Don’t spend company time job searching. This is bad form, even if you suspect you will lose your job. Use your spare time to get a jump on the job search.
  4. Don’t make enemies and burn bridges. If you suspect that you will be one of the next on the chopping block, remain civil and don’t lose your temper and say things you may regret. You will need a reference for future jobs, guaranteed.
  5. Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want done to you. For example don’t gossip about others on the job, don’t try to take credit for things that you haven’t done and don’t make a habit of putting down and criticizing other people’s input.

In today’s tight economy, any number of factors can contribute to you being included in those at your workplace who are being let go. However, if you take care to be pleasant to work with, as productive as possible and a good deal for the wage your company pays you, your job will be secure and you won’t have to join the ranks of those searching for a new job during a recession.

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