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Ready to Start Your Own Biz? Six Career Options to Consider

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As the economic climate continues to be unstable, many people are going into business for themselves. While many businesses are costly to start, there are just as many that cost very little, require little training and can be done from one’s home.

Pet Sitting

For people who love animals, starting a pet-sitting business can be fun and lucrative. For a small fee, pet owners who cannot be home to take care of their pets instead pay you to feed their pets, take them for walks, give medication and so forth. You may also take in their mail and newspaper, water plants, mow grass and other things.

Home Inspection

People with construction or maintenance knowledge often start home inspection businesses. Home inspectors check electrical, heating, plumbing systems and more to see if everything is installed correctly or if repairs are in order. Sometimes they may find household pests, and need to find ways to remove then. For those who don’t mind getting down and dirty, inspecting homes can be a great business to start.

Catering Service

If you like to cook and can fix a big meal in a hurry, offering catering services to families or groups can be a fun way to make some money. If people are always complimenting you on your cooking, consider hiring a friend or two to help you and start catering weddings, family reunions or other events and see what happens.

Cleaning Services

Many people don’t have time to clean their homes or just don’t want to, and this is where you come in. Cleaning homes and offices can be a great business, especially if you’re fast and do good work. Do a good job and watch your phone start ringing off the hook!

Life Coaching

If you’re always helping others solve their problems, consider becoming a life coach. Many clients will pay to have someone help them figure out how to find happiness in their personal and professional lives.

Beauty Services

If you can style hair or give manicures, consider starting a mobile beauty business that travels to a client’s home once a week or once a month. Help a few clients look and feel better and your client list will quickly expand.

If the time has come to venture out on your own, choosing any of these ideas can quickly take you from the poorhouse to the penthouse. With some hard work and a positive attitude, anything is possible.

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