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5 Ways To Get A Job With The Help Of A Recuitment Agency


keyboardOne of the ways to bolster your job search is to seek the help of recruitment agencies. In most cases, they are there to do one of two things. The first is to help businesses with their recruitment needs. The second is to assist job seekers to find employment. It’s not as easy as simply being offered a role, though. You’ve still got to do the right things, so let’s have a look at what you need to do.

Firstly, you need to send your resume over to the recruitment agency. Some websites will offer the ability to do this directly, while others will require a role application first. If you see a job that you like the look of, apply for it! Normally, even if you don’t get the role, you’ll be kept in mind for future possibilities. As your resume is the first point of contact, it’s incredibly important to get it right. This is your only chance to make a first impression, and if you don’t, your resume will end up in the garbage.

Second; you need to look at the specific roles on offer. You might find a role that you like the look of, but you’re not qualified for. In this case, you need to enhance your covering letter and focus on the reasons why you think you’re suitable. Recruitment agencies get a lot of resumes! Most of these resumes are highly impressive, especially when submitted to executive search agencies. The only way you’re going to beat them to the job is to accentuate your positives and give them a reason to consider you.

That brings us to our third point. Recruitment agencies are there to help you, but they aren’t going to give you a job just for the heck of it. They’re looking for the most suitable and experienced candidates. If you haven’t got any experience in your chosen field, you aren’t going to get very far. In the meantime, do whatever you can to obtain experience, whether that’s in a part-time role or volunteering. It’s very difficult to obtain a job in any circumstances if you haven’t got experience.

The next thing you want to do is arrange an opportunity to go and meet the company in-person. This isn’t always possible if you aren’t in the near vicinity, but usually, they’ll reach out to you for contact anyway. This meeting works for the both of you. For them, it’s a chance to sign you up and add another person to their list of talent. For you, it’s an opportunity to outline your strengths to aid them in their search.

Finally, the last thing is to regularly keep in contact with them. Recruitment agencies are busy workplaces, filled with the data of hundreds of job seekers. They’re too busy to keep in contact with all of them, so it’s up to you to take things into your own hands. A quick call every now-and-again is all that’s needed if you haven’t heard from them. Don’t go overboard; you might just end up annoying them!


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