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6 Proven Tactics to Avoid Making Bad Hires

A thriving business hinges a lot on having good employees. Of course, having state-of-the-art products is commendable, but that is only one piece of the business success puzzle. You also require a reliable team to back your mission and vision. That makes hiring a critical element of running a successful company. Poor hiring decisions cost your business hefty sums in recruiting, interviewing, onboarding and productivity dip. Other costs stemming from poor customer relationships, low employee morale, and decreased revenue can add up fast and impact the profit margins and bottom line. You can stay away from all these unwanted results with a simple thing as avoiding bad hires. Here are some strategies you can use to steer clear of bad hires:

Use accurate job descriptions

The first step in the hiring process is scripting a job description for the perfect person to fill a role in a business. The quality and clarity of your job description determine the talents interested in filling the position. If the job description is ambiguous, unclear or off-base, all you will attract are unqualified candidates. Take the time to assess the specialization and responsibilities that the role requires. That way, you can craft a realistic job description to attract the best talents and kick out those with inadequate skill sets. Do not use job descriptions for similar roles that are available online. Tailor making the description to fit your specific needs goes a long way toward avoiding bad hires.

Have an effective interview process

Another crucial component of onboarding the dream team is an in-depth interview process. You should adapt your interview process to be effective enough to sieve out unqualified candidates. Draft position-specific questions that prove how skilled a candidate is. Evaluate both technical and soft skills for the candidates since you will appreciate having a good balance of both in your business. Consider having tests to gauge the skill the candidates claim to have. A candidate may have a glowing resume but come short in the practical aspect of the job. Introducing skill testing in the interview process will help you identify true talents. Optimizing your interview process will help you spot potential shortcomings and avoid bad hires.


You could also take advantage of other companies that have more expertise to get the right people for your business. For instance, a talent recruiter has the best chance of sourcing the best fit for your company. A recruiter will identify the best candidates to meet your requirements in exchange for a commission. Investing in a talent recruiter guarantees you a good fit since they have extensive knowledge of the market.

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Alternatively, you could reduce your burden on hiring and recruitment costs by outsourcing some services you need for your business. That way, you are sure of working with a professional while escaping the pressure and risk of making a bad hire. For example, you could consider outsourcing a Managed Service Provider for your IT needs. Read a detailed article on what is a managed service provider to understand the benefits they will bring to the table. A good partner will save on the costs of building a skilled in-house team.

Diversify your talent pool

Your chance of making an ideal hire is when you have a diverse talent pool. If you are sourcing candidates from Craigslist, you do not expect to get high-quality and skilled candidates. Cast your net wide to get as many potential candidates as possible. Post on job search sites and advertise on industry-specific websites. Leverage your employees and industry connections to get referrals for the best talents for your company.

Do not put much emphasis on experience

Experience is a valuable element to consider when looking for new talents. However, it may not be the best predictor for potential and future performance. Experience is not synonymous with high-quality skill. A candidate may have worked for decades but been mediocre in their capacities. Likewise, a newbie can have a great aptitude and the right attitude for your business needs. Do not hire solely on experience and talent. You need the person filling the vacancy in your company to align with your company values. An effective team player, even if their experience does not show it, will help your business expand to new horizons and arrest significant opportunities.

Take your time

Admittedly, the hiring process can be tedious and long-winded. However, it is better to use time at the hiring stage than waste more of it with a bad hire. You may have a realistic timeline for the placement but do not feel pressured to fill the position as soon as possible. Do not rush to onboard the first average candidate that applies.

Wrapping up

Recruitment is an essential process for company success. The people working at your venture determine productivity, morale, and reputation your business will enjoy. A bad hire can cause far-reaching consequences for a business. Know the best tactics to ensure excellent hires for your venture.

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