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How to Attract Executive Search Firms

So, you’re currently working in a nice company with a comfortable pay, your work isn’t all great, but it does pay the bills and a little more. Life is good, right? Well, life can be better, if you are employed in the right place with the right executive position. Applying and submitting CVs isn’t exactly the best way to get that dream position of yours; you’ll need to make the executive researchers come to you. 

For some specific positions (mostly executive) that require a certain level of expertise, experience, and talent, most companies prefer to hire the services of an executive search firm to minimize bad hire. Most often than not, these high-class candidates are not easy to come by on the market. So big companies hire them to search for possible candidates for different senior or executive positions. Let’s see how to do this as we discuss what executive search firms are and how you can make them seek you out.  

There are two main types of recruiting firms. We have the Contingency recruiters who get paid after the successful recruitment process and the candidate is hired. This means that a company can hire more than one recruitment firm to conduct the same search. The second type is the Retained recruiters. These ones have a long relationship with their client companies and are paid a fixed upfront fee. Many of these firms work in different industries and it is important to note that the priority of a search firm is not to find a job for a candidate, but rather to find the best candidate that suits the client company’s preference. 

The competition out there is quite tough, so you’ve got to be at the top of your game to increase your chances of being the selected one among other candidates. Here are a few ways to look more attractive to recruiters: 

  1. Rebrand yourself: This involves making yourself known and available. We live in a technological age and just by a few clicks, all the details of any individual is accessible. Most recruiters will surely want to check out your online presence, social media accounts, profile picture and even down to your latest tweet. Therefore, you’ve got to create the right kind of image they are looking for. Maximize the bio space by elaborating on the skills you possess that make you unique and are being sought after. Be succinct but not too rigid. Make use of the right keywords in describing your work and be sure to use a profile picture displaying pleasant facial expressions such as smiling.
  2. Make good use of your LinkedIn account: Any executive worth his/her salt should, at the very least, have a LinkedIn profile. It is the hub for the business world and one of the best places to find possible candidates for a position. If by chance you don’t have one, your first assignment is to create one. After which, you let your profile do the speaking for you. Indicate your career achievements, expertise, current role. Describe your work and update your cv. Check your personal information and be certain it has the necessary things which include your contact information. Stay active on your profile, update when necessary, and be involved in some activities, don’t leave your page dormant. You never know when the next recruiter might stop by. Click here for some tips for building your personal brand on LinkedIn.  
  1. Build relationships and network: This involves you building professional relationships and strong connection with your peers and those you work with. Always aim to give off the best impressions and avoid sensitive issues that could damage your reputation. Recruiters make use of their connection quite well so make sure to also have a good rapport with search consultants that you know.
  1. Acing the interview: If you’ve gotten this far then you’re just a few steps from your dream job. Do proper research about the company (competition, culture, strength, weaknesses, etc.) before going for an interview. Do not forget, you might not be the only candidate so you’ve got to do better than you normally would. Most importantly, know your worth. If you are approached for a top position, it means that you have something to offer that others don’t; use it to your advantage. The compensation and perks you expect should be reasonable and within the salary range for the competition. Be open to negotiations and don’t settle for less. Read some additional interview tips for executive positions here
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Join platforms that expose you more to possible recruiters, talk to people in your industry and keep adding value to yourself. The more you have to offer, the more opportunities there are for you. With time, an executive search firm might just be heading for you soon.

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