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How to Find Specialists and the Best Recruitment Agencies Adelaide

One of the greatest assets a business can invest in is a great recruitment agency. If you are a business owner in Adelaide and you are looking to expand your team, then you should definitely be looking for an experienced recruitment team.

Recruitment agencies are able to connect qualified candidates with the best skills to businesses. Not only saving you a lot of time and effort but making sure you are satisfied with the candidates provided. This ultimately results in a more efficient working environment and a productive team that will drive your business to great heights.

How can you find the perfect specialist or regular recruitment agency in Adelaide? What should you consider? Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Depending on your specific needs, you will invest in a specific type of recruiter, working either internally or externally. Internal recruiters work specifically for your company and your company alone. They work hand-in-hand with the HR department and will help your team hire and source potential candidates.

An external recruiter works for an agency and doesn’t work for a specific company. This is the most common form of recruiting and is in high demand. Recruiters from agencies work for their clients and will find and recruit employees as needed by clients.

If your business is in a specialized industry, you might have to consider hiring a specialized recruiter who understands all the ins and outs of your company. This will enable them to scout and even headhunt potential candidates with the exclusive skills you are looking for.

Go to this article for more information on what recruiters actually do for your business.


In order for you to track down the perfect agency for you, you have to know what skills recruiters should actually have. Through a quick meeting you’ll be able to tell whether the agency has these skills and if you can entrust them with the hiring and recruiting process.

Here is a list of the skills you should look out for in a recruitment agency: 

Detail Orientated

It’s important that recruiters pay attention to detail. They need to remember small bits of information about the position, the company who hired them, and the candidates they’ve interviewed before. Remembering detail of what they’ve discussed before will give them insight in tracking down potential candidates while providing all relevant information.

Excellent Communication Skills

These agents will be talking to a lot of people on your behalf. If they aren’t good communicators, then the message of the position you have available won’t come across. Since they function as the middleman between the business and future employees, they need to have excellent communication and mediation skills.

Part of this is having an open body language that creates a comfortable atmosphere. 

Marketing and Advertising

In the end a candidate will have to choose your company, the salary you offer, and the position available. The recruiter will have a strong influence on marketing the available position and your company.

Because some sectors are highly competitive, you will need a recruiter that can track down potential candidates and really sell everything you have to offer to them. This is definitely a special skill that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Multi-tasking and Organizational Skills

The process from posting a job to actually hiring a candidate is a lengthy one with loads of different components in between. It’s important that a recruiter stay on track with posting ads for different clients, conducting interviews, running background screenings, and setting up meetings to consult with clients.

Professional recruiters will be able to multi-task with ease. As well as have a decent organizational structure put in place to keep everyone up to date.

Time management goes hand-in-hand with multi-tasking. You wouldn’t want to end up with a recruiter who are always too busy with other projects or mundane tasks instead of doing what should be. Since some positions are urgent and should be filled, a recruiter needs to manage their time efficiently. This will ensure that all deadlines are reached and that everyone’s nerves are at ease.

Building Relationships

As the middleman, recruiters should be able to encourage healthy relationships between candidates and employers. This will not only ensure a future interview, but it will also motivate candidates to pursue the available position.

By sending personal and customized emails to candidates, they will trust the opinion of the recruiter. As a result, they will trust your business and the credibility of the position available.

Once you are connected with a specific agency, you might probably want to use them in the future. Agencies like are known for building relationships with clients and candidates.

Listening plays a big role in building relationships. A recruiter should understand the needs of both the client and the candidate. When a recruiter talks without listening, it can pose great risks for the future.


The recruitment process can take very long. Especially if the position available isn’t as urgent. Having to communicate with both an uncertain candidate and a busy employer can be stressful. It’s up to the recruiter to find an interview time that suits everyone and be able to adjust once anything changes.

Staying calm and collected during stressful situations is a skill that all recruiters should embody. 


Recruiters can’t perform at a maximum level if they aren’t tech-savvy. They should be able to use different software programs as well as different communication devices. Being tech-savvy will help recruiters use different IT systems to find candidates that are sometimes unreachable. 

In essence, the recruiter is an extension of the business itself and they should always keep their client’s needs close to heart. There once was a recruiter who tried to recruit an employee of the exact same client that was hiring him. This reflected badly on anyone.

It’s therefore important that you do a bit of research before hiring an agency in Adelaide.

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