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Please, Mr Recruiter, See Me

Headhunters have a tough job trying to find the most suitable applicant for each role. While it’s a skill that is supported by recruiting training and equipment, it’s no guarantee that a recruiter can spot you among the crowd. Ultimately, as an applicant, you have to make it your priority to stand out against other resumés. 

Admittedly, it can be a delicate exercise when you’ve got no guidance or reference as to what other people are doing. However, you can make it easy for recruiters to notice you by making you memorable. Do you remember the story of the woman who created a website just to be seen by Airbnb? Nina Mufleh, as it’s her name, has opened the door for creative self-promotion. And here’s how to handle yours: 

Make your profile stand out

The first place recruiters look for suitable candidates is LinkedIn, the professional online network. While you might need to pay to make the most of LinkedIn features, there is already a lot you can do on the free profile. Showcase your skill sets and expertise with an optimized profile. The first and more obvious change you can make to your profile is to make sure your picture is a high-quality headshot. Ideally, you may want to task a professional photographer with it! Use the headline to add a punchy catchline and be remembered. 

Improve your knowledge of business & economy to impress

A recruiter wants to know you’ve got the right skills for the job. However, extra knowledge can’t harm. If you’re going to be noticed for a decision-making position, it can be a good idea to show off your thought process and economic awareness. You may not have a Ph degree in real-world theoretical economics, but have you heard of the Liberty Classroom? You can read the reviews of this mind-opening course here. More importantly, you can use the skills to publish an article on LinkedIn, for example. 

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Your personal website can open many doors

The LinkedIn platform can only help you so much. Nina Mufleh was right to create a personal website to boost her profile. If you want to get noticed, you need to go the extra mile. Thankfully, building a personal site to help your employment is a lot easier than it might seem. You can create a personal resumé site to display everything you can’t put on LinkedIn, for instance. Additionally, you can use the space to publish your portfolio, which can make a great deal of difference. 

Share your knowledge with your audience

Nothing is more effective than sharing knowledge online. While bloggers are popular in the recruiting world, you can reach out to a variety of channels to share your expertise or teach your audience how to do this or that. A tutorial video, for example, is a perfect example of promoting your knowledge while boosting your chances of getting noticed. You may need a little getting used to – talking in front of a camera is a new experience. But with the right editing tools and some patience, you can publish engaging videos that’ll get you the attention of recruiters and employers alike. 

What makes you the best candidate for a job? 

Your skills, of course, play a role. But making yourself noticeable and memorable can get your profile at the top of a recruiter’s pile in no time. 

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