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Types Of Criminal Background Checks That Help Stop Negligent Hiring

A criminal background check is a method of confirming details that a person provides concerning themselves. An employer will do this type of inspection to verify the information that a candidate has on their resume or application. Typically, in a search like this, social security, employment history, criminal background, and education are researched. Some companies perform more advanced, detailed searches while others are pretty basic. The position applied for and the requirements for employment will determine what type of search will take place.

All Potential Candidates Require A Pre-employment Background Check

An employer can reduce their risks of liability with the use background tests through sites such as Employment  Screening, Inc. for all potential candidates. Pre-employment testing eliminates those who are not truly eligible. A company deems to be a safe environment for everyone who comes to work, and that guarantee is possible because of the background screenings that allow a reliable determination. It ensures that those considered will in no way pose a threat to the business or those working there if hired.

Types Of Background Checks

A business has the challenge of determining which type of background checks to conduct on the people they’re considering for hire. There is the potential for risk if the searches are particularly limiting or if they pursue the incorrect information based on their specific goals. If you restrict a criminal background screening to a particular state or location, you could be missing information on an activity that took place in another area. There are countless jurisdictions, most of which don’t communicate with each other. To ensure the safety of the environment, an employer may need more than one criminal history check.

  • Criminal Records Within A County: This type of criminal background search will reveal any felonies that may have been committed by a potential hire-in, with a case appearing within one of what are over 3,400 county courthouses throughout the United States.
  • Criminal Records Nationally: A national criminal search will pull any illegal activity that a potential new employee engaged in while they were traveling. It will also reveal information from the previous record screenings where the employer was not as thorough with their searches as they may have thought. The suggestion is that these complement the local search where municipalities have either not participated or didn’t provide information timely. The type of information supplied with this screening is confirmed with the resource before reports go out.
  • Criminal Records At The Federal Level: Crimes prosecuted at the federal court report at this level. The type of issues raised would include mail or wire fraud, tax evasion, embezzlement, and so much more.
  • Restricted/Prohibited Parties: This type of background screening will reveal to you those individuals that are not hirable because they are known to be narcotic traffickers, illegal weapons trader, money launderers, terrorists, or subject to an economic sanctions program deeming them unemployable. There are a few government institutions that keep a list of individuals and entities that fit this category.
  • Sex Offender Registration Search: You can learn through either a state or nationwide search if an applicant is a registered sex offender via this database.
  • Search Internationally: A company may want to review a domestic hire’s foreign background, or they may need to conduct international searches for their global offices. With more people working remotely and employees that span the globe, this type of screening is becoming more relevant, prevalent, and necessary to maintain safety and security due to the lack of in-person contact/communication. Click for information you may not have on checks.
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An employer who understands the level for which they can conduct a background screening will be able to develop an effective system for their hiring process. In so doing, the business has the assurance of compiling a group of talented team members who will meet the needs and goals for a successful company.

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