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What To Do If A Recruiter Calls?

Whether you are actively seeking a new job or not, you may have the experience of a recruiter contacting you. It is important to remember that just because a recruiter has reached out to you, it doesn’t mean the job offer is a done deal. 

Recruiters often talk to groups of people for a job opening. You will be required to go through the standard process, after talking with the recruiter, if you are chosen by the company for an interview. The best recruiters work closely with human resource professionals at companies and have a clear understanding of what type of employee they are hoping to hire. 

Good recruiters hope to successfully target the very best people for the job and their reputation depends on it. There are a few important things to consider when a recruiter calls. 

Research The Recruiter

Check out the recruiter on sites like LinkedIn and others. Take notice of what companies they are working for and interesting items in their profile. You want to do some homework and be more prepared for any conversations.  This will help you analyze what the recruiter says, whether they are praising you, touting the opportunity, or sharing limited details about a position. 

Respond Quickly

Relationships and networking are key in business, and you may want to, at least, hear what the recruiter is calling about and keep them as a future contact.  You can just let them know that you are happy with your current job. If you are seeking employment, all the more reason to respond in a timely manner.  Some recruiters will push you to take a chance just so they can meet their quota. If you feel pressured, you can politely decline.

If you want to continue the discussion, be sure to respond to the recruiter in the way you are asked to do: by phone, text or email. Thank them for reaching out and especially if seeking a job, show your interest in the opportunity. At the same time, let them know just as quickly if you are not interested. There is no need to string the process along. 

Ask Questions

There are questions you can ask a recruiter that will help you in your job search. Ask how they heard about you and what it was they were interested in regarding your experience. Calls like this can lead to more opportunities and the recruiter may also keep you in mind for future openings. Get as much detailed information as you can about the possible job requirements and the culture of the company while you are in contact with the recruiter. Once again, if you detect that the recruiter really doesn’t care about you or the process, you may want to opt out.

Make Recommendations

If you trust the recruiter but you decide you are not interested, you could recommend any of your contacts who may be right for the job. This will be a boost for the recruiter and for your professional contacts. However, if you feel uneasy about the recruiter, you can polite decline to make recommendations.

Keep The Contact

If you feel good about the recruitment process and the recruiter, let the recruiter know that you would like to keep in touch. They can be a great resource to you for networking and for their knowledge of research data. It is also a smart way to keep communication open in case you are looking for employment down the road. 

It’s only logical to be excited when you see that a recruiter is interested in you. However, you should ask many questions and end communications if you feel pressure.  You want a new job, but you are not responsible for meeting anyone’s quota.

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