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Why Get a Marketing Recruitment Agency in London

As a large corporation, you need access to the best people who can fill the role of senior consultant or account director brilliantly. These people may or may not be actively seeking for job employment opportunities today. But how will you find them?

You can choose from the people who submit CVs and resumes on your company on a daily basis. You can get referrals through friends. However, both take a lot of time. You have to screen the candidates to see if they are more than qualified to the job vacancy that they are applying to.

Another option is to save your time and money by hiring a marketing recruitment agency. Read more about this in this link here. They will be able to reach more qualified applicants compared to your personal contacts and website. Another benefit that recruitment agencies can do is that you won’t have to spend on ads to get people to apply as a sales executive or a marketing director in your company.

What is a Recruitment Agency?

A recruitment agency is a company that is paid by businesses and corporations to find the right people that will fill up their vacancies on a job position. They act as the middleman for someone who is searching for a job and the company that needs employees.

Today, the market is full of highly competitive candidates and companies who are willing to pay an arm and a leg just to find the right employee. This is why many business owners and managers turn to the help of recruitment agencies so that they will get the best people.

Marketing recruitment agencies have higher turnovers when it comes to staff. They only choose people with sales and marketing experience. They are the ones who do the interviews and tests. You can save valuable time when you don’t have to do the sorting of CVs or wasting time screening unsuitable candidates. Another thing is that there are already a lot of people who are fit for the job and just waiting for a job opening. Whenever a company needs to urgently fill a vacancy, they can just select the best candidate in the pool of applicants that the recruitment agency such as DNA Recruit has already interviewed and screened.

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With a lot of marketing agencies that offer their services especially in big cities such as London, how can you find the best one?

Search for Ideal Candidates

The ideal company should have experience in recruiting sales and marketing staff for other businesses in your industry. There are big recruitment firms that look for people who can fill high-paying jobs such as Business Development Directors, Account Managers, or Senior Account Directors that are all related to sales and marketing in your company. Recruitment firms can find the best people to fill these job vacancies for you. You can find other agencies that advertise similar positions that you are into by searching on the internet.

When you are interviewing a recruitment firm that will represent your company, test their skills, expertise, and experience by asking them about the current trends in recruiting people. Ask them about the values, knowledge, and experience that they are looking for in a candidate. You will know that you have found the best recruiters when they use all the contacts that they have to get applicants. Know more information about applicants here: They will then do an interview with each of them and screen them thoroughly before recommending them to your HR personnel.

Set Clear Expectations at the Start

You should set clear expectations about the type of applicant that the agency should send. For example, if you want a person to know how to do makeup or have a personality that attracts customers, make sure that this is the kind of person the agency will send. The people you hire will eventually represent your brand. If you are wasting time screening the wrong people for a job post, maybe the agency is not doing its job properly of sending you the best applicants. Be tough on your expectations and provide feedback on all the employees that the recruitment firm has referred to you.

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