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Relocating Your Business? 3 Things You Need to Know Before Moving Day

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Making a residential move is complicated enough, but relocating a business can be more than a challenge without proper upfront planning. Knowing how the move is to be conducted, understanding and disseminating the layout of the new location, and checking the status of the utilities at both locations are three things to keep in mind prior to moving a business. Knowing these three items will ensure a smoother, less stressful moving day.

Who Is Driving the Business Relocation

All staff should be aware of how the office move is to be conducted months in advance in order to clarify roles and responsibilities. Many organizations use contract moving companies to pack and move office equipment and supplies. These companies often supply the packing materials and provide full service moving options.

Much depends on the contract negotiated by the managers of the business to be moved. Often businesses elect to have part of the supplies such as personal office materials packed by employees and other office equipment strictly packed by the moving company. Depending on the contract, employees must understand whether or not they are responsible for packing any office materials and the schedule for such packing duties

Layout the New Location

One should not for the first time think about where everything should be placed in the new office location just after the office paraphernalia has been packed and the trucks pull into the new location. Having an inventory of office furniture, equipment, and supplies as well as a drawing of where everything should be placed in the new location is paramount to avoiding a confusing mess of a moving day.

If management has selected the right moving company to help with this effort, this task becomes a lot easier. Many moving companies have incorporated inventory management software into their operations so that they can conduct a quality move efficiently and mitigate the risk of inventory loss. Facility managers may work with movers to obtain electronic drawings of the new location’s floor plan in order to help the movers place office equipment in the right positions.

Turn On the Services

The person in charge of a business relocation may avoid a major gaffe by ensuring that computer, phone, electricity, and other services are available at the new location prior to moving day. Most businesses lose productivity on moving day anyway because of the time it takes to move and set up all of the office equipment. However, employees are usually ready to begin work after the moving company has efficiently set up the office furniture and equipment. That momentum will come to a screeching halt if the computers and phones do not work. The business manager must also ensure that services are turned off at the previous location to avoid any additional cost.

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