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Did you know that one misspelled word or grammar problem can cause your resume to get put in the trash?  The hiring manager may not even look at the rest of your resume and see all the benefits you bring to the table.  They feel that if you couldn’t send in a proper resume, then other details may not be up to their requirements.  It is the simple things that can get your resume thrown in the trash. Don’t let a small error put your resume in the “no” pile.  It can also be a smart idea to hire a resume service to help you present a professional resume to future employers.

You have more to offer than you may know.  Do you have years of experience at a job but feel the early years are not that important?  You could be missing a crucial area of the hiring process from the hiring manager’s viewpoint.  They may want to know what you did early on so they can see the progression of your responsibilities and tasks.  You may not want to mention you started off in the mailroom and are now in a higher position, yet a hiring group may see that as dedication and drive.  You may not realize how valuable certain information about your past can be in the eyes of the hiring manager.  Using a resume service will give you the objective viewpoint that can be crucial to ensuring your qualifications are properly portrayed.

Do you know whether or not to include your volunteer work?  Maybe it would be beneficial or maybe not. You need the advice of a professional resume service that can look at the volunteer work you’ve done and how it translates to the job for which you are applying.  Not only will the professional give you the guidance to know what to include and what not to include, they can help you market yourself in the best possible light.

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Everyone knows that a scented, pink resume works only in the movies; you may wonder whether or not you should be creative with the text or format. You want to stand out but how do you do that in an economy with so many qualified candidates?  Creating a silly resume that won’t be taken seriously is obviously not the answer but should you use a bold type and bullets or number your accomplishments?  All of these questions can be answered by a resume service. The resume writers at these offices know what to write and how to write it so you are presented to the hiring manager at your best.  The candidate is presented to a hiring manager along with, more than likely, several other resumes so it is crucial that you stand out as a viable candidate. You want to be asked in for a face to face interview so you can show them your best side.

Hiring a resume service will allow you to fine tune your resume so that hiring managers will look at it and give you the attention you deserve.  Each candidate has a unique story and some will even have similar qualifications but you need to be sure your story stands out.

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