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3 Best Resume Writing Services for Engineers

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Engineering is easily one of the most necessary and important professions in today’s society. Simply put, engineers have a problem-solving mindset that is entirely unique. Engineers are the thinkers and builders of civilization who create and maintain everything from brick-and-mortar buildings to complex digital software. Their profession is essential in an ever-growing, ever-changing world. But sometimes engineers are more adept at technical skills and a little less so with written communication. Even they may need help expressing their skills, experiences, and accomplishments in the form of a resume. If this is the case with you, these three professional writing services can create a spectacular resume for any engineer and help them land the job they want.

With hundreds of thousands of engineers in the United States alone, how can you possibly make yourself stand out to potential employers? It all starts with that dreaded yet incredibly influential piece of paper… your resume. Potential employers will use your resume as a first look at your education, experience, and worth. And what’s more, they will often read between the lines to gather a first impression of your mindset and behavior. If your resume is unorganized or chaotic, for instance, they may gather that you, as a person, are the same way. It is for this reason that a clean, organized, well-presented resume is so important.

These Companies Specialize in Writing Technical Resumes for Engineers

But how can you possibly be expected to create something so specific? After all, you majored in engineering, NOT in writing. Crafting the perfect resume can be a frustrating, time-consuming challenge. Fortunately, you are not alone.

Many engineers choose to source out the creation of their resume using a paid professional or service. This may be the perfect option for you if you have a unique, dynamic skill-set but don’t quite know how to present it.

Here are three of our favorites…

1) Top Resume

Top Resume ( is the world’s largest resume-writing service. Founded in 2014, the knowledgeable team of writers at Top Resume has made it their mission to help job-seekers land more interviews and get hired faster than the competition. They claim that a professional, well-written resume makes you 32% more hireable than the competition and have set out to prove it. To do this, they work one-on-one with users to create a resume that is completely and totally “you.”

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How It Works: After signing up, you are matched with one of Top Resume’s expert writers, many of which have vast experience in a variety of different industries. Together you will collaborate to craft your career story on paper. Whether working off of an existing resume or starting anew, your custom resume will be tailored specifically to your industry and career goals. 

Pros: Resume writers at Top Resume have experience writing for all career types, industries, and skill levels. To date, Top Resume has reviewed millions of resumes and have helped over 300,000 professionals land their dream job. Plus, they offer a free resume review for new users. 

Cons: Top Resume has a strict “all sales final” policy, meaning that there are no refunds or exchanges, even if you are unsatisfied with your service. 

Cost: Top Resume prices their services on a package basis. The “Starter Package” costs $149 and includes a perfectly formatted and engaging resume. The “Premium Package” costs $219 and includes both a resume and a cover letter and is “everything you need to apply for jobs,” according to their website. And for those looking to elevate their career, the “Ultimate Package” is available, which costs $349. This package includes a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, all of which are crafted by an executive writer.

2) Resume Writers

Founded in 1999, Resume Writers ( has successfully assisted professionals in their job search for over twenty years. With over a quarter million satisfied customers, there are several things about Resume Writers that make their service so unique.

For starters, they offer a variety of very specific resume niches, including student resumes, military-to-civilian, and Tech/IT resumes. And if you’re looking to change your career, they have a package for that too.

In addition, all of their writers are independently contracted as partners of the company. According to their website, Resume Writers “only partner(s) with the most experienced, nationally recognized and highly in demand writers in the industry.”

How It Works: Resume Writers’ process is very similar to that of Top Resume’s, but with an impressive guarantee: Resume Writers promises to adhere to a strict 72-hour turnaround time, meaning that you are guaranteed to receive your first-draft resume within 72 hours of submitting your information. After signing up with Resume Writers, you are matched to a skilled professional writer who collaborates with you one-on-one to create a tailored resume for your specific profession and career goals.

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Pros: In addition to their freaky-fast turnaround time, Resume Writers is easily one of the most respected resume-writing services on the market. With over 250,000 satisfied customers and hardly any negative press, it’s easy to understand why Resume Writers has repeatedly been named a top-rated resume service. Resume Writers also offers an unbeatable guarantee: if you do not get a job interview within two months of using their service, they will rewrite your entire resume for free.

Cons: Similar to their competitors, Resume Writers employs a strict “all sales final” policy, meaning that there are no refunds or exchanges for any reason. Another common complaint among users is that they do not offer 24-hour virtual assistance. Customer support is only available by telephone or email during regular business hours.

Cost: Resume Writers offers several unique packages that can be custom-tailored to fit your exact needs. Their basic package starts at $199.95, with a $30 discount for students and military personnel. While their specialty is resumes, they also offer cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and more using an a-la-carte-style pricing model.

3) Great Resumes Fast

Founded in 2008, Great Resumes Fast ( is an innovative, female-powered resume writing service that is the “only resume writing service that captures how you want to be known in the world.” A top-rated service for men and women alike, Great Resumes Fast aims to create a professional resume for users that gets more interviews.

Founded on the belief that there are many great applicants who miss their shot at an amazing job because of a bad resume, founder Jessica Hernandez and her team have set out to create a unique and affordable service unlike any other. Their service model is entirely unique because they don’t JUST create resumes – they create, for their users, a memorable career story and a personal brand to match.

How It Works: To kick off your collaboration, Great Resumes Fast invites new users to a free strategy session with one of their top writers via phone call. This call allows the GRF team to “uncover what makes you the only one for the job.” Following this discover call, users are matched with a professional resume writer who has “intimate knowledge of your industry & level.” Once you are matched, you then undergo an intensive one-on-one interview to “uncover what makes you special & define your personal brand.”

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A custom resume will be provided within 3-5 business days following your interview, with revisions available upon request. And featuring a guarantee similar to their competitors, Great Resumes Fast will rewrite your entire resume for free if you do not receive a job offer within ninety days of your collaboration.

Pros: Great Resumes Fast is more than just a resume writing service: they offer users an immersive experience that includes a chance to brand (or rebrand) who you are as a professional. With hundreds of five-star reviews across multiple social platforms, GRT boasts an impressive customer-satisfaction rate. In addition, they also offer affordable online courses for those who want to learn to craft the perfect resume themselves instead of hiring a writer.

Cons: Great Resumes Fast is more expensive that many of their competitors. Though loaded with value, their cheapest package starts at $895 which is not affordable for everyone.

Cost: Great Resumes Fast sells their services on a package basis. Their prices vary greatly, with the base package (marketed for mid-levels professionals) starting at $895. Prices increase from there, with their most expensive, “everything an executive needs to land their next-level position,” package at $2999.  Mention referral code ‘JobGoRound’ to get a 5% discount.

Hire a Resume Service that Knows Engineers

Most resumes are not like those of engineers. Most do not include the technical jargon, acronyms, and software programs that most people have never heard of. Expressing the skill set of technical workers like engineers in an effective manner takes practice and is a special skill set itself. Most people, even engineers, don’t have this skill set. So if you’re struggling to express your technical knowledge in an impressive way you may want to get professional help. But be sure to hire a resume writing company that has lots of experience in working with engineers.

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