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4 Ways To Boost Your Resume Online

With millions of students applying to universities each year, standing out has become harder than ever. Unfortunately, many students are not literate in writing the one ticket used for acceptance into these colleges: an online resume. There is no high school curriculum that teaches students how to translate their abilities into a resume. In an attempt to help students, gain acceptance into their dream college, here are four ways to boost your resume online.

1. Earn a degree or certification online.

Many people struggle with filling out the ‘certification’ section of their online resumes. While practical experience and skills are more straightforward, degrees and certifications are more official and require extra investments. Instead of going to a college or certification class in-person, you can opt to take online versions. There are plenty of universities that offer versions of their degrees online for a cheaper cost. In fact, there are many that operate completely online. Even the completion of a few courses can help strengthen a resume when applying to online military friendly colleges.

2. Have your resume reviewed and edited by a professional.

With so much misinformation circulating about writing resumes, it can be difficult to find the right strategy. Should a picture be included in on the front cover? What size font and size should be used? Are headings bolded or italicized? These are just a few of the questions that prospective students ask when filling out a resume. Instead of guessing the answers, students should have their resumes reviewed and edited by a professional. School administrators, human resource representatives and hiring agents are just a few positions that would have professional knowledge regarding the correct structure and content of resumes.

3. Highlight your strengths and personality.

Members of an admission staff will go through hundreds or thousands of different applications each year. In reality, only a few applicants will naturally stick out from the rest with regards to their academic or professional accomplishments. The rest of the people will have to rely on other factors to get noticed. It is important for applicants to highlight their unique strengths and personality. Schools and employers want to know just as much about you as an individual as they do about the ‘academic’ or ‘professional’ version. Instead of wasting space on information that will make you blend in with the rest of the applicants, include content that will make you stand out.

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4. Quantify your experiences and accomplishments.

Colleges and employers don’t only want to know about your experiences and accomplishments in general. Anybody can boast about landing prestigious position, receiving an award or winning a competition. While all of these accomplishments are important to put on a resume, there has to be some elaboration. The admission staff wants to know how these experiences have contributed to the person you are and the skills you now have. The purpose of these experiences is to further your development as a person. When filling out an application, make sure to elaborate on how your accomplishments have improved your skills or abilities.

Whether you’re applying to state universities or online military friendly colleges, it is critical to have a great resume. These four tips can help anyone boost their resume online. An improved application will translate directly into an increased chance of being accepted into a college.

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