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5 Essential Tips for Writing the Perfect Resume

Psychologists have determined making a good first impression takes seconds, often less than 30. Thankfully, when we meet someone in person we have time to correct our impression if the initial 30 seconds don’t go well. We shouldn’t be worried, right?


It may be different in person, but it turns out, you’re afforded a similar 30 seconds when someone reviews your resume. That’s why it’s critical to write a killer resume that will make a potential employer want to keep reading.

Here are 5 need-to-know tips for writing the perfect resume!

  1. Skip the Objective

Most applicants are used to including an objective statement.

However, it is now suggested that when writing a resume, this statement be replaced with a branding statement or a skills summary. Companies are more interested in what they can gain from you than the type of job you’re seeking. Replace your objective and instead tell them why you’d make a worthy asset to their team.

  1. Make it Personal

When sending out your resume, you’re likely applying to multiple jobs. This means you need multiple editions of your resume.

Not every company will require the same skills or experience. Some of your job histories may be critical for one position and completely irrelevant for another. For each position, customize your resume according to the needs and expectations of your audience.

A great way to do this is by utilizing keywords found in the job description and reworking them into your resume.

  1. No Fluff

No employer wants to read pages upon pages of a resume.

Keep it short and sweet, and utilize bullet points to reduce wordiness. Don’t go too in-depth when describing job responsibilities. Instead, prioritize the use of action verbs to keep things clear and concise.

Another helpful resume writing tip is differentiating your responsibilities with your position accomplishments. Responsibilities may be tasks done every day, whereas accomplishments are noticeable improvements you brought to the company throughout your employment.

Try including numbers or statistics to quantify those improvements.

  1. Resume Critiquing

If you’re confident in your skills and accomplishments, as well as your prior experience, the last thing holding you back from getting hired should be a typo.

Proofread your resume. Misspellings and other errors are unprofessional and will look even worse if the job you’re applying for requires attention to detail. Keep in mind that some employers may include special request instructions for resume format.

If resume building still feels overwhelming, consider executive resume writers. Have your resume written by a professional with skills in editing and applicant marketing. Otherwise, they’re a great pair of eyes for additional review and critique.

  1. Honesty

The last tip is to be truthful with all potential employers.

Never lie on your resume. If you list experience or a skill that you don’t have, you’re giving them a false understanding of your qualifications. Employers WILL ask about the details of your resume and will expect you to bring those skills into the workplace once you’ve been hired.

Work in Progress

So, when thinking about how to write a resume, know that you won’t craft the perfect one on your first try. It requires a lot of critiquing, personalizing, and updating as you move from job to job.

Putting in the work and seeking necessary help is essential for resume and career success.

Check out the rest of our blog for further tips on resume building, as well as other helpful career advice and information!

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