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Are Resume Services Tax Deductible?

If you are debating having your resume professionally rewritten you’ll be pleased to learn that the fee for such services may be tax deductible.  Expenses may be itemized on Schedule A and according to IRS Publication 529, resume services are a qualifying job search expense.

However, in order to deduct expenses, there are three conditions which must apply to your job search.

1.    You must be looking for a new job in your same occupation. If you are looking to change careers, your job search will not qualify for deductions.
2.    There must not be a “substantial” break in your employment.  The IRS does not define “substantial”, so be sure to find out the details of this one if you think it may apply to your current situation.
3.    You have previously held another job – or in other words, this can’t be your first job search.

But, if you meet the three criteria above, there are numerous job related expenses that you may be able to deduct.  Actually, most expenses relating to your resume are deductible.  The big ones like resume writing services and distributions even down to the postage used to send out your resume.

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