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Customized Resumes: Necessary or Not?

Many people who specialize in job searches recommend that you write a customized resume for each job you apply for. However, many of us are hesitant to invest the time required to change the resume every single time we apply on a job, especially if we are doing an intensive job search and are willing to take practically anything in order to keep on top of our bills. Reinventing the wheel each time means that we can apply on fewer jobs because it takes so much time to apply on each.

However there is a solution. Not every application needs a customized resume. If you are looking for a job to help you meet your living expenses while you find the job you really want, a one-size-fits-all resume should be sufficient in that particular job search. If you are looking for a position in one particular field, you should be able to draft a resume that will need minimal changes to fit any job you apply for within that field. Every time you make a significant change to your resume, save the new version. You may need to use it again in the future.

Customized resumes that show that you have the experience and/or knowledge to perform the tasks listed in a job description make your resume stand out amongst the many other one-size-fits-all resumes sent for any particular opening. It shows that you care enough about getting the job to go above and beyond before you even get an interview. That says a lot about your character and is a quality most companies are constantly searching for.

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