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Elements of an Effective Resume

Writing a resume can be a daunting task, but it’s an absolute necessity when job searching. A resume shows employers your work history, skills and experience. Here are a few elements to include that can help ease the resume writing process.

First, break down the information into sections. To start, you need a section for your name and personal contact information, one for your work experience, and one for your education. You can also add sections for technical experience, club and association membership, certifications, etc. Design your resume to fit your background. The second most important tip is to use bullets. Do not try to fit all of your information into long, descriptive paragraphs. Keep the information brief and include only pertinent information that describes your work experience and skills. Make sure you put the most important information first, and put an emphasis on your achievements instead of your responsibilities. Also, where you can, quantify the information. For example try to include information such as: how many people did you support, how much money did you save, how many pieces of product did you ship? Use numbers to back up your information. And the most important part of writing your resume is proofreading. Do it at least twice, ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors and no typing errors. Have a friend read it as well, they may catch mistakes you’ve overlooked.

When you start your job search, make sure you have an effective resume. Keep it concise, organized, informative and error-free for the best resume results.

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  1. Grady

    I thought the bullets was a given, but I recently looked over a friend’s resume and she had big long paragraphs – even I didn’t want to read it! You’ve got to format your resume in a way that is easy to read. Let hiring managers gleam information from your resume with a quick look – you’ve got to sell yourself!

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