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Resume Don’ts

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If there is one sure way to turn off a potential employer it is by having a resume that is less than adequate. A bad resume is almost like a slap in the face to a potential employer. You expect them to read your resume, but then you send them a bad resume, so you can see how it could be a little insulting.

Here are some things to avoid on your resume:

  • Long Length: Remember that you are writing a resume and not a book. Try to keep your resume between one and two pages. Anything more will quickly have the potential employer losing interest fast.
  • Fancy Style: While you do in fact want to get a little fancy on your resume, don’t go overboard. Avoid fancy fonts, lots of bold, lots of italics, and the like. Stick to a style that is easy to read and you can be certain it will be read.
  • Grammar Errors: Even spell check can’t catch everything. That’s why it is so important to review your resume several time s before you start to distribute it. Potential employers don’t like to see knight where night is supposed to go or no where know is supposed to be. Those little mistakes can still cost you an opportunity for an interview.
  • Irrelevancy: Whatever job sector you are going after, keep your resume relevant to that. Irrelevancy in a resume is like the plague and will not do you any favors with potential employers.

When you send off your resume you want it to get read. If it does, then you have a good chance of at least getting a job interview. However, if you send a bad resume riddled with all sorts of don’ts, then your chances of landing a job, or even an interview for that matter, are going to be slim to none.

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  1. Doug Stowell

    Excellent post…I rate grammatical errors as one of the top issues with resumes…it is really off-putting and makes we wonder if the candidate really cares or not!


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