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Resume Don’ts

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Your resume is often the first contact that an employer has of you. The impression given on paper can earn you further consideration or it may also earn your resume a quick trip to the trash can. Many companies are so bombarded with resumes that any small detail could cause yours to get rejected. Below are the things not to include, so your resume stays in the right stack.

  • Do not give personal details like marital status, age and if you have children.
  • Do not provide physical information about yourself, such as weight, height or whether or not you have a physical disability.
  • Do not include a photograph of yourself unless you are asked to do so by the company you are applying to.
  • Do not mention how hard it is to find a job.
  • Avoid mentioning anything negative, including how tough you have had it in life.
  • Do not joke.
  • Make no mention of family members or friends.
  • Don’t disclose how much you made in past jobs, unless specifically required to do so.
  • Never handwrite a resume.

Keep a resume as brief as possible by sticking to the facts, relevant information and avoiding the resume don’ts. This will help to ensure your resume gets a second look.

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