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Resumes: One is Not Enough

Writing a good resume is a huge undertaking. Summarizing your work and educational experience in a way that can market you to potential employees can be daunting. And it can be time consuming! But while you’re taking on the challenge, do it again. Having more than one resume can greatly improve your job hunting prospects, as well as making it easier when a customized resume is needed.

One resume is great if you’re applying for the same kind of position at the same kind of company doing the same thing every time you put your resume out there. This isn’t likely the case. When jobs and companies are similar, one resume will work. However, if you apply for positions in different industries or different types of departments within a company you need to have a slightly different focus or slant to your resume. A resume for a marketing coordinator at a telecommunications company is going to look different than a resume for a marketing coordinator at a clothing manufacturer. Focus your skills and experience on what the industry demands. When applying at tech companies highlight your tech skills and list your technical aptitudes and experience. When applying for positions at communications companies, present the skills that relate to that industry at the top of the list. You want to capture the attention of your prospective employer without making them wade through a list of skills that don’t apply to the position they’re trying to fill.

Although writing one resume can be daunting, and writing two can seem like a monumental task, take the time to make at least two or three different versions of your resume. Having a focus that is relevant to the market in which you’d like to be employed can benefit you in the long run.

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