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Revamp Your Resume Before You Begin Distribution

Ask yourself a question; when is the last time you revamped your resume? Your resume will be the single most important tool you possess when it comes to looking for a job so you need to make sure that it is more than simply up to par. Distributing a stale resume can have the not so great effect of seeing that resume hit the bottom of a lot of trash cans in a hurry.

To begin the revamping process you first need to print up your resume and thoroughly read through it. Look for any obvious mistakes, but also look for any outdated information. As you find it, highlight it and keep going.

The second thing to look for is anything that is not relevant to the job in which you are going after. Potential employers do not care for irrelevancy and if there is a lot of it, the dreaded trash can bottom comes into play once more. Again, mark these irrelevancies with a highlighter.

Once you have completed your reading and highlighting session you then need to figure out what to put in the place of the highlighted areas. If you only have a couple of sentences highlighted, then they can likely just be deleted, but if you have a lot of highlighted areas then deleting all of it and not replacing it with anything may make your resume too small. You can always add items, like awards, that you may have received since the last time you wrote your resume.

Once you have completed your replacement of all the mistakes and irrelevancies, then you need to read over it once more and be sure it reads the way it should. After you are sure you have the perfectly revamped resume you can then begin to distribute it and wait for the interview calls to come pouring in.

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