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Send Out a Flawless Resume to Impress Potential Employer

An impressive and flawless resume or a cover letter is an added advantage for a job seeker. You have an edge to land the job beating the competition with your perfect resume. Even if the resume is simple, if it is flawless without any typos or grammatical errors and various other common writing errors, you have already impressed your potential employer. Writing errors in a resume are one of the reasons that many candidates are filtered out and never get a call back for the job they applied. It could be spelling mistakes, conspicuous grammatical mistakes, misplaced punctuation marks, or a confused homophone.
Writing is an extremely important skill for any job. You may have to communicate with your employer or colleague or your team using emails, letters, texts, tweets, and notes. If your writing is full of errors and typos, you can quickly lose credibility in your workplace. Although many multinational companies are splurging to train their employees into having better writing skills, smaller companies would want to simplify things by just opting a person with better writing skills than you even if you are equally qualified as the other person. Hence honing your writing skill is extremely important, and being aware of the types of errors will keep you aware. Some of the common writing errors have been explained in this infographic from Walkerstone and hopefully, it will help you discover if you have been committing these common writing errors and correct yourself.

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