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Stand Out From the Crowd with a Video Resume

What is one way to stand out to an employer? By uploading a video resume of yourself. A video resume is basically where you give the employer all of the information he would normally get from a paper resume – and then some – on video tape. You then send your video resume off to the employer, who will watch it and will (hopefully) be won over by your wit and personality.

There are many reasons why a video resume is a good idea, some of which include:

  1. A video resume gives you a chance to showcase your personality and/or people skills, so that you can convince the employer that these traits will make you an asset to the company.
  2. A video resume gives you the chance to show the employer how well you perform while under pressure, a quality that many employers look for in their potential employees.
  3. A video resume gives you a forum to present your case and the space needed to elaborate on your special skills, education, and experience. You can essentially talk to the employer and give him reason after reason why he should choose you – something you can’t do with a paper resume
  4. A video resume allows you to stand out from the crowd and get noticed right away. This benefit is a very important one in a corporate world where employers are inundated with hundreds of resumes for one open position and where a majority of paper resumes are tossed aside when they fail to impress the employer within the first few sentences.

The idea behind a video resume is to show the employer a little bit of who you are and convince him that you are the perfect candidate for the job, instead of relying on a lifeless paper resume to do the job for you. In the end, the goal of a video resume is to persuade the employer into scheduling an interview using this unique approach, when otherwise your resume may not have made it much further than the trash bin.


  1. David DeCapua

    Nice piece – very insightful. No question that video will play a huge part in the hiring process – it just makes sense. As HR/ Recruiting professionals get younger and younger, they expect candidates to be savvy and utilize technology. Those that continue “status quo” will remain in the pile, while those that peel the onion a bit deeper (and use video resumes) will be first in the hiring line.
    A couple quick points I’d like to raise… First, germane to a successful video is professionalism and standardization. Very few job candidates possess the equipment or knowhow to upload video – at least those of us over 35. Check out – entirely professional, super easy to use and will certainly get you to the front of the line. Our film yourself from home feature is rolling out in a couple of weeks – it will be the only site that is truly user friendly, professional and standardized. If you are interested, I’d like you to join our beta program – we want to make sure we’ve thought of everything. Thank you.

  2. Darrin Grella

    Thanks for the article. I am currently researching this topic ( ) and this is pretty refreshing. The post is quite a matter of fact and not opinionated one way or the other. Curious as to your personal feeling on if the video resume is actually the right thing to do for an individual. Are there certain professions that should over others? The site above mentioned by David seems pretty nice…I like it. Not sure if charging a jobseeker $39.95 is right or wrong. I am torn either way. Free is good but paid may keep the junk out by attracting a certain clientele, giving a perceived high value and at the end of the day, make the business money.

    Thanks again for the article. I would like your thoughts on my article as well (

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