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Three Reasons Not to Lie on Your Resume

Your resume is the most powerful weapon in the war of job hunting, so you have to be sure that it is as strong as can be. What many people do with their resume is that they ‘embellish’ the facts just a bit. Call it what you will, it is flat out lying and it is simply not a good idea.

While there are many reasons not to lie on your resume there are three in particular that should stick out to you like a sore thumb. These three reasons are:

•    The Business World is a Small One: In business, you just never know who knows who. If you lie on your resume and the potential employer you are interviewing with knows someone from your last place of employment then chances are that you will get caught in that lie.
•    What if an Employer Calls Your Bluff: If you state on your resume that you have certain skills that you really don’t have and you end up with the position you were going after, what happens if your employer calls your bluff? If you are asked to do something because you said you could, but you really can’t, you are likely to get fired as fast as you were hired.
•    Black Lists are Bad: Again, the business world is a small one and if you get a bad reputation because you get caught lying on your resume you may wind up being black listed in your business community. This will make it extremely difficult to get hired and can leave you with many months of jobless woes.

In life, honesty is always the best policy. The same holds true for finding a job. Your resume should be written to impress, but stick to the facts and stick to the truth. Your perfect job scenario is out there and you don’t need to lie in order to find it.


  1. Resume planet

    I don’t have to lie on my Resume, my own life experience speaks for itself. Also lying will always at some point be exposed., if you tell the truth there is only one version to remember. once Your create doubt with contradictions in what You offer Your credibility is gone. Don’t ever try to make anyone believe You have experiences or qualifications You don’t , You will pay a high price for that dishonest approach ! Make sure that before You apply for any job You actually do meet the qualifications and can perform the duties, if you can’t or don’t it will expose You even if You managed to get hired, termination will follow. fraud isn’t rewarded !

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