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Three Things Your CV May Be Missing

The whole point of your CV is to make you stand out from the crowd. Employers can be presented with hundreds of CVs when they advertise a job and your task is to make them stop when they get to yours. It is a dead cert that all of the other candidates have the same qualifications as you and possibly more experience, so what you can you put down on your CV that will impress them most and get your name on the shortlist.

Here are the three things that you can add to your CV that will make you stand out as the ideal candidate for the job.

Voluntary experience

When you detail your voluntary experience on your CV you are sending a message to your future employer. You are showing them that you take part in meaningful activities in your spare time and this will impress them. It also indicates that you are a well-rounded person with many interesting life experiences.

When you take on a volunteering role, you can learn practical skills which will make you more attractive to employers. You can brush up on your communication, line management, and team working skills. Charities are always on the lookout for individuals to help them with their campaigns and their services. Some will even provide you with free training or opportunities for overseas travel. A quick search on the internet will allow you to find opportunities near to where you live or further afield if that is what you are looking for.

Try to pick a voluntary sector that matches your career choice if you can but always go for a role that interests you because enthusiasm is essential! It also gives you something very interesting to chat about when you are called to interview and gives you a chance to talk about your commitment and dedication.

A first aid qualification

In many areas, employers are required to have a qualified first aider on site at the workplace and so first aid skills are always highly valued. An online CPR certification is a valuable addition to every CV.

This is a qualification that helps you build your self-confidence in a number of ways. You have the knowledge that you can help out in any emergency situation and it shows that you are able to take in and apply practical training.

However, obtaining a first aid qualification says a lot more about you. It shows that you are willing to take charge of a situation and lead others which indicates excellent leadership qualities. It also demonstrates that you can delegate tasks to others which is vital in all management roles.

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It is all very well writing these skills on your CV but by presenting them as part of your first aid qualification it shows that you are able to put these skills into practice and this is a lot more valuable.

Dealing with a medical emergency requires team work, prioritizing, a cool head under pressure and initiative. What employer does not value these attributes in a candidate!

Finally, it shows that you have an interest outside of work and if you can relate your qualification to a voluntary role that is even better.

Social media and computing skills

There are no organizations that do not rely on the web for communication and for getting their message out there. This is true for all public-sector organizations as well as all private companies. If you can show that you understand how the world of social media marketing works, and know your way around the jargon relating to Google rankings, you are going to be an asset in every organization.

The same is true of IT skills. Most organizations have a specialist IT department or an external contractor that helps them out with IT issues but that is no substitute for someone who is in the office all the time. Waiting for IT support to arrive costs organisations money and this is where your skills can be invaluable. If you can show that you have particular expertise in his area you will be an asset to the department and your CV will stand out from the crowd.

You can demonstrate your skills on your CV in two ways. You could gain an additional qualification that you should list on your CV. The alternative is to list it as additional experience and then to talk about it in interview. Mention an occasion when you used your skills to help out an old employer and your new one will be impressed!

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