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Ultimate Resume Builder: Four Tips to Enhance Your Resume

Ultimate Resume Builder- Four Tips to Enhance Your Resume Your resume is the first impression that most potential employers get of you and your skills. Because of this, it makes sense to spend a lot of time developing a basic template and tailoring a final copy of each resume for each employer you apply for a job with. If you’ve never written a resume before, or if its been years since you’ve had to apply for a job, follow these four tips to writing a great resume.

Put your relevant accomplishments near the top.

After deciding to apply for a job, read the description and make a mental list of what makes you the ideal candidate for the position. Then, list your relevant job and educational achievements that make you ideal to the top of the resume. Some people like to do this with a “relevant experience” section, while others prefer to just reorder their work experience.

Keep everything positive.

Everyone has left a job under bad circumstances or has had a falling out with a co-worker. While it’s understandable, it’s not information that should ever be included on a resume. Never give a reason for leaving a job on a resume, save it for the interview. Also, do not underplay how important your roles were. By maintaining a positive viewpoint on your resume it will display a confidence and you will be more likely to get the position.

Education Vs. Experience

If you just graduated from one of the top MBA programs Denver has to offer, put it on the top. This is especially true if you have very little work experience. Write about the projects and classes that you had that give you experience with the job requirements. On the other end, if you have great experience and not as much education, make sure you emphasize your resume accordingly.

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Triple-check your contact information.

If you have a perfect resume but your phone number is off by one digit, an employer cannot contact you. Make sure you include at least two different ways that you can be reached (such as a cell phone and e-mail address). By the way, make sure that your contact information is professional. A funny e-mail address might amuse your friends, but you’ll seem ridiculous to a future boss. Of course, it goes without saying to leave off any contact information that would cause a future employer to contact you at your current job.

Writing a great resume often takes several attempts. In fact, it’s not uncommon to change your resume multiple times during the job hunting process as you get feedback from employers and employment counselors.

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