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Watch Your Resume Tone

Resume writing is an art form all in itself. One of the common mistakes that many people make when writing their resume is that they neglect to watch their resume tone.

Writing a resume in an off-putting tone can have horrific effects on your chances that a potential employer will call you for an interview. That’s because the potential employer that reads over your resume has to actually enjoy what they are reading in order to be interested enough to call you for that interview.

In order to avoid your resume being tossed in the trash in a matter of seconds, pay close attention to the tone of your resume. Does your resume read like someone from Harvard Law wrote it? If so, you could be coming off way too pretentious and some potential employers may view this as a sign that you may think you are too good for a certain position.

On the flip side, check and be sure your resume doesn’t contain a tone that is too relaxed. If your resume reads as though it was written with little care then a potential employer might view you as someone who doesn’t care about anything. If they think you don’t care about your resume then they will likely think you won’t care about your job either.

Of course, your resume tone should be in direct correlation with the job you are trying to get. If you are attempting to gain employment as an executive then you probably want to stay away from using too relaxed a tone and also avoid using any slang in your resume.

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Keep your tone in direct proportion with the job you are after and write to the level you think they would want to see. If your resume is a general one that targets no job in particular then you still need to be wary of your tone and go for a middle of the road tone that will pleasing to all.

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