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Wow Recruiters With These Resume Additions

Has the job market ever been quite as competitive as it is right now? We don’t think so! There seem to be hundreds of job seekers out there and hardly any jobs. It has never been more difficult to bag the job of your dreams, so you need to make sure that you are pulling out all the stops when you start your job hunt.

One way you can have the edge over all the other job seekers is by ensuring that your resume is as attractive to recruiters as possible. And you can do that by adding on of the following to your resume.

A Good Combo

You need to make sure that you have a good combination of skills on your resume. So, when you are at college, you should endeavour to take courses that aren’t really related to the career you want. For example, if you want to be a nurse or maths teacher, it is still worth taking a creative class like art or music. This shows you are flexible and have a wide range of skills.

A Second Language

Even if the job you are applying for doesn’t require you to have language skills and won’t see you move abroad, it is still always good to be able to put a second language on your resume. That’s because all the skills you used to learn that language will come in highly useful for some aspects of your job. For instance, you will have excellent communication skills, and these are required for most occupations. People who can speak more than one language are often thought of as being very creative and great at problem solving. Those are two key skills that most recruiters want to see!

Work Experience

There isn’t much point in applying for jobs straight out of college or university. The job market is too competitive for you to get work based on your academic skills alone. These days, you also need work experience. Thankfully, there are now lots of college courses, especially at medical school, that give you the chance to do some work experience while you are still studying. Don’t worry if yours didn’t, though. You can take an internship for a few months before you start looking for a serious job.

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A Go-Getting Attitude

Employers don’t want to hire workers who they will have to spoon feed. They much prefer new employees who will be able to use their own initiative and drive to get on with things without always being told. If you have this important go-getting attitude, there are various ways you can show it on your resume. For example, maybe you set up a new club or organization at your high school? Taking part in some extracurricular activities, such as sports and music lessons also shows that you are willing to go that extra mile to further yourself.

Consistent and Persistence
While hiring, employers always see on your resume that whether you are a consistent employee or just changing the jobs as per your ease or comfort. A person who is persistent towards the job has the ability to face any challenging goals and will keep moving forward even when there are difficult situations or obstacles. Be consistent and show this as a skill in your resume so that you will stand out. If the employer feels that you can deal with huge pressure and responsibilities, then you will definitely become an easy selection for them.
Once you add one or two of these additions to your resume, you should find it easier to get to that all-important interview stage! By the way, a small tip – these days there are free online resume maker tools which you can use to design your best resume.  

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