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Write a Resume Not a Book

One of the biggest mistakes that so many people make when writing their resume is making it far too long. This is easy to do as you naturally want to give the person reading your resume a good idea of what you are all about.

However, whatever needs to be said needs to be said in a clear and concise way in order to be effective. Your resume should convey your best traits and spell out what all your qualifications are, but it needs to be done without putting the reader to sleep.

This is likely why a lot of resume writing experts will say to keep your resume to one page if possible. This forces the resume to be condensed to the point that you really won’t be able to go too far off the deep end with your explanation of certain contents of the resume.

Of course, it is okay to make your resume longer than one page if you do need to but, you should keep it as short as possible. Too many times a resume will be several pages in length and this tends to come off more like a book as opposed to a resume to the person who has to view it. If the resume is too long, the potential employer is likely to be put off and simply not read it.

Think of your resume as a preview to who you are. You certainly want to give some key points about yourself and what you have to offer, but most of all you want to pique the interest of the person reading it enough that they call you for an interview. Once you secure an interview, you can then get into more detail about who you are and what you have to offer.

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