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Your Resume and its Power

If you are looking for a new job then you have one weapon at your disposal that will be your best to use to help you get a job, or at least an interview; your resume. Your resume is the single most important thing to have at full capacity as the difference between a quality resume and a poor resume is usually getting the job you are after or staying unemployed.

It makes sense when you think about it. A potential employer has no idea as to who the heck you are. They also have no idea who the other hundreds of applicants after a job are either. So, they must use resumes to decide who they do and do not want to talk to.

This means that you resume has all the power in deciding whether or not you will get to interview for a particular job. If your resume adequately conveys a good story about you and piques the interest of the potential employer, then you will likely get a phone call for an interview. However, I your resume is weak and puts the potential employer to sleep, then you will likely have your resume doing nothing more than meet with the trash can.

Knowing the power of your resume, it stands to reason that you should be sure that it is up to speed. It should contain all relevant information and everything should be looked over at least twice before you call it complete. If there are changes that need to be made and they get missed, then your resume’s power will be greatly diminished.

Don’t let your chance at a potential job slip away. Be sure that your resume writing is everything it can be and should be to give it the chance to be as powerful as it can be so it can help land you a great paying job.

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