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Six Great Gifts for the Newly Hired

Man getting hired

If someone you know just landed a new job, it is time to celebrate! Maybe it is a new college graduate, or someone changing career fields. Perhaps you know someone who was laid off many months ago who is just now finding a new position. Whoever the person is, they deserve to be acknowledged for their new accomplishment of landing a new job. Some timeless gift choices are listed below.Six Great Gifts for The Newly Hired

1. You can’t go wrong with rustic leather accessories. These are great choices for leather phone covers or Ipad covers. Another option could be a new computer bag. You may even choose to give a new wallet or a leather belt.

2. How about some new desk or office accessories? A fancy new journal, pen set, travel coffee mug, business card carrying case, or business card holder are all excellent choices.

3. The newly hired person has probably been skimping on splurging for treats for themselves while they were in the transition phase of starting a new job. Why not get them something fun that they can enjoy just for themselves? Gift certificates for restaurants, clothing stores, and movies are nice ways to let the person treat themselves without feeling guilty that they are splurging on unnecessary treats.

4. A selection of business books that are relevant to their field. Just search online for their field and industry leaders. You are bound to come up with a short list of the most popular books very quickly.

5. Gift basket or a meal delivered to their home the first week of their new job. This could be a gourmet snack and wine selection for a gift basket, or a dinner that you have called in to a local catering company to deliver on a random Tuesday night.

6. Babysitting or housecleaning services. This is an idea that you can volunteer yourself for, or hire someone to handle for you. The newly hired are busy, sometimes frazzled people. Let’s face it, sometimes the cleaning falls by the wayside!

Some of the very best gifts you can give involve providing services and time. Maybe holding a celebratory luncheon or dinner would be more appreciated than a material gift. If you are struggling with maintaining a budget yourself, you may just be able to mail a card. In this instance, it is more about just acknowledging the milestone accomplishment than about how much you can afford to spend.

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