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Six Reasons Why Teachers Have Awesome Careers, and Why You Might Consider this Path

teacher awesome careerEveryone remembers that special teacher who had a positive impact on their lives. But not nearly as many people realize that teaching is more than an inspirational career, and it can be just as rewarding in many instances. In fact, teachers enjoy many perks that make this job rewarding both vocationally and financially. Here is a quick look at 6 reasons why teachers have awesome careers, and why you might want to consider changing your mind about getting into the education career field.


1. Flexible Schedule

Teaching is a career that allows working mothers to be with their kids, outdoor enthusiasts to take long trips, and aspiring writers and artists time to hone their craft. Teachers work approximately 200 days when school is in session, with time off during school holidays and the summer months. Although there is a lot of professional development work, so that “summer off” is punctuated with conferences and workshops, there is still plenty of time to relax and rejuvenate.


2. Competitive Salary

Despite the myth that teaching is a low paying job, the median salary for a high school teacher is $44,790 a year, with teachers making much higher than that in regions like the Northeast and California. This might still seem to be a low amount for some people, but you will need to keep in mind that you have summers off, a large number of holidays, and school usually will only last for about 7 hours, with time off during lunch and at least one period during the day.


3. Excellent Benefits

Public school teachers are state employees, and in many states they have the same health insurance benefits as legislators and other government employees. The plans are often cheaper and more inclusive than those offered by private employers, and it is more likely that the benefits will be given to all of the members of your family, which can save an enormous amount of money.


4. Retirement and Pensions

Teaching is one of the last professions to offer pension plans, which are a great retirement option for the conservative investor. Pension plans also allow a teacher who has put a certain number of years into the job to retire early and pursue a second career, confident that they will be receiving supplemental income for the rest of their life.


5. Job Security

Although this practice has recently come under close scrutiny, tenure is still the norm for teachers who have met certain requirements. Tenure, a permanent contract that cannot be broken without just cause, gives teachers a level of job security that is rare in other professions. This also allows for a teacher to explore a variety of different research and educational paths, within reason, without worry that they will come under scrutiny from the school.


6. Career Advancement

Teachers have the opportunity to advance into a higher salary range not only through seniority but also by obtaining an advanced degree. Programs like UC Education Masters Online allow teachers to get an MA while they are on the job, increasing their earning potential or allowing them to go into more lucrative areas like special education or administration.


Teaching is a field that allows individuals to make a difference in the community by helping to shape children’s lives. But this career is also sought after for its flexibility, great salary and benefits, and opportunities to advance within the field.

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