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Six Tips For Keeping Your Construction Crew Happy And Productive

Happy isn’t always a word that goes hand in hand with hired help of any kind – including construction crews. Ask any successful head contractor or foreman and they will quietly admit that when their employees are truly content, they are without a doubt likely to perform better. There are ways that you can keep your crew satisfied and productive.

1) Fully Outline Expectations Before The Project Begins

Yes, there are plenty of contracts that may be in place – but do they explicitly explain all expectations, requirements (building code or otherwise), and suitable time frames needed? All experienced parties involved should already know that it all begins and ends with the black and white in the contract. If your employees know what is expected of them before they even begin a project, they will be more likely to hit goals and stay on task.

2) Will The Necessary Equipment Be Available?

Ensuring a crew has the proper tools is crucial. Sure, many experienced pros may be able to “make do” without – but is this lack of a particular tool or equipment slowing down progress? It may be costing your projects’ timeliness and completion. Make sure that you provide the tools and equipment necessary for your crew to do the best job without overworking themselves.

3) Make Certain Crews Know The Relevant Details Of Other Crews Involved

Doing so keeps a crew happy by moving at the pace they were prepared to work through via coordination and communicating. Ask any crew member a typical complaint they have and this always comes up – having certain items/tasks prepped and ready when needed is vital to work flow.

4) Provide Optimal Temperatures For Success

Whether the cold of the winter or steamy lull of summer heat, a comfortable employee in a construction crew will never be able to thank you enough. It may be ensuring they are scheduled at the appropriate time of the day (morning vs. afternoon) or merely providing something as simple as spot coolers when temperatures are at their hottest. If something this minute can be provided to maximize comfort and ensue productivity – utilize it. A worker who is comfortable will be able to focus more on the job and get work done faster.

5) Timely Payment

Per previously agreed upon contracts – one sure way to have a crew unhappy is a late payment. If a hiring party expects work done by an agreed upon time – be certain the crew will expect to be paid on time, too. Blaming it on an administration error won’t help the cause, either. No one wants to work for free. When employees see the fruit of their labors (or paycheck), they will remember what they are working for.

6) Voice Appreciation When Possible

This sounds like a simple one, yet survey after survey within the industry clearly indicates that when a crew feels valued and appreciated – they are happier. A simple gesture or mere acknowledgment is more than they are accustomed to – and works wonders in the long run.

Construction can be a tough job. Employees generally work outdoors in either hot or cold temperatures. By taking these steps to ensure your employees are as comfortable and happy as possible, you’ll be more likely to see their productivity increase and your job get done faster.

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