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Stay Safe At Work By Avoiding The 5 Most Common On-The-Job Injuries

While some jobs are inherently filled with a wide variety of safety hazards, others are often less risky. Whatever the case, people who work in certain areas of a company can expect to see a diversity of injuries occur over the years. Therefore, it is important for employees to know how to protect themselves. Though OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Act) has provisions that require companies to ensure a safe workplace environment, there are some injuries that’s common to many. All of which involves repetitive motion, slip and fall injuries, motor vehicle accidents, musculoskeletal injuries and injuries by machinery or being struck by an object.

Workplace Injury

Anticipating Slips and Falls By Responding Appropriately to Water Spills

Being aware of the potential problems that can occur is one of the first lines of defense. Therefore, it is important for workers to anticipate slip and fall injuries before they occur. For instance, if an employee sees a spill on the workplace floor, they should help to get it up or report it to someone who can respond as quickly as possible.

Repetitive Motion

Repetitive motion injuries can be very painful so it is important for all employees to use protective measures to keep these injuries down. From learning how to use the computer mouse correctly to taking the right breaks, there are things that can be done to cut down on these injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Driving defensively and offensively is one of the best ways to reduce motor vehicle accidents on the job. Employees should also be aware of the business requirements when they are driving on company time. For example, since some companies limit who can ride in the car, it is important for employees to make sure they are adhering to all rules and guidelines.

Musculoskeletal injuries

Another common injury that occurs on many jobs is musculoskeletal injuries. These injuries can occur anytime and place on the job, especially because they normally happen during some of the simplest activities. For instance, an employee can sustain these injuries by picking up heavy boxes or packages and straining various parts of their bodies.

Injured by machinery or struck by object

When an employee operates certain types of equipment on the job, they may injure themselves if they are not certified to handle the equipment correctly. Therefore, it is important for all employees to have the required certification prior to being assigned to certain job functions and duties.

Some injuries are common to the workplace so they may happen to anyone at anytime. There are some measures that can be taken to prevent them from occurring. Sometimes, however, they may happen due to the negligence of others so Littlejohn Barristers Professional Corporation representatives or a Collingwood Lawyer may be contacted for their assistance.

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