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Stayin’ Alive: Five Techniques for Keeping Your Business Afloat in Hard Times



Rare is the business that doesn’t experience hard times. That is especially true nowadays, when the economy overall is not at its best. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all guide to how to survive a business downturn. Every business is different, and sometimes the conditions for one person’s boom is another person’s bust. However, there are certain basic concepts which can help you make it through that rough patch until better days.


Remember Your Original Vision

When times are hard, it can be difficult to stay focused on the big picture. With so many pressing concerns so close at hand, it is not easy to think long term. However, keeping in my mind your original vision is the best way not to be distracted from your long term goals by short term problems.


Consider Cost Saving Measures

Cutting costs may seem like an obvious suggestion, and most troubled business owners would say they have already done so as business has declined. But have you really? Don’t be too sure that you wouldn’t benefit from a hard second look at where money can be saved. This may involve making some tough decisions, such as firing personnel you would rather keep and delaying projects you want to start.


Cut Costs, Not Quality

When cutting expenses, don’t step over dollars to save pennies. Always do a full cost/benefits analysis of all cutbacks.


Be Determined

It can be hard to dismiss employees or curtail plans, but keep in mind that if the business folds because of a big payroll and unaffordable goals, there will be no employees or projects at all.


Keep Up the Network

They say misery loves company, and never is that more true than in business. However, staying connected with professional help is a much better solution than cutting yourself off completely. Make sure you are in regular contact with your bank loan officer and others who are essential to your finances. Credit in the nick of time can make a world of difference, so make sure all lines of communication to potential sources of financing are in good shape. If you find yourself in deeper trouble than you thought, you may need to call that foreclosure attorney in Tampa!


To help keep your business afloat in hard times, cut costs not quality, be determined and stay in touch with the network of people who can help you. Soon you may see better days.


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