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Submitting Your Resume to Job Boards

When it comes to your resume the more times it gets viewed the better the chances are that you will land your dream job quickly. So getting your resume out and seen is simply a matter of the number game. That means that the more people that view it, the more calls you will get for potential job interviews and the more job offers you will receive.

A wonderful place to go to ensure that your resume gets more than its far share of looks is some of the bigger name job boards online. Names such as and let those who are on the job hunt upload their resumes so that potential employers can find them.

Additionally, you will be able to create a profile at these job boards and this allows you to go into detail about your specific skills and your desires. Many employers will search and scour these profiles on a daily basis trying to find the right fit for their companies and if your profile stands out then your resume is likely to get a view or two or more.

Most of the bigger job boards have tools that allow you to track how many times both your profile and your resume have been viewed and may even offer up tips and tricks to help you improve on your numbers. Best of all, these services are usually free and if there is a cost associated with them it is typically extremely low.

While other methods of getting your resume out into the world to be viewed are also effective, every little bit helps. With a little time and effort on your part, you can have your resume end up being viewed by a whole host of potential employers. Then the numbers game becomes a waiting game, but eventually that leads into a great job opportunity.

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  1. JohnKen

    I have been recently going through this phase and got my self registered on various Job Search Sites but this is indeed a great resource.

  2. Job Search Engine

    There are several job search engines that can be beneficial, depending on what industry you are searching a job in.

    Your best bet is to use a job search engine that specializes in your field. The last time I was searching for a job in the IT industry, I found a job through CyberCoders. While the previous job I had I secured through Craigslist – also an IT job.

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