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Ten Health Care Jobs You Haven’t Considered

When people typically think of a career in healthcare, they often conjure images of doctors, nurses and dentists. Nonetheless, there are so many diverse and high-paying jobs in the healthcare industry that don’t necessarily years of education or training. Here is a quick rundown of ten healthcare jobs you haven’t considered.  Ten Health Care Jobs You Havent Considered


Midwives or doulahs are individuals trained to assist women before, during and after the birth of a child. They are usually trained nurses, licensed practical nurses or registered nurses, who have some sort of specialty in midwifery. However, some states allow individuals to go through a midwifery program without necessarily being a nurse.

Hospital-based Fitness Instructor

If you have a passion of fitness and exercise, instead of training clients at a gym, look into training hospital patients. There is an increasing demand of hiring qualified personal trainers and fitness instructors to work at hospitals and medical clinics.

Wellness Coach

More and more hospitals and medical services facilities are hiring wellness coaches to create wellness plans and programs for patients. Whether it means implementing a tobacco cessation program or starting a weight loss management program, these coaches are hired to help people lead more healthier and productive lives.

Cryobank Technician

Hundreds of thousands of men and women seek the assistants of cryobanks in order to receive fertility treatments. If you ever had an interest in helping people fulfill their dreams of starting their own family, look into becoming a Cryobank technician or assistant. Places like California Cryobank hire individuals to assist doctors in collecting sperm samples, embryonic transplants and artificial insemination.

X-Ray Technician

If you ever had an interest in working with medical imaging technology like X-Ray machines, CT scans and MRI devices, look into become an X-Ray technician. Community colleges offer X-ray technician programs that can completed in less than two years. Salaries are pretty high in this field too!


People are in constant need of emergency medical services. Paramedics and EMTs are contracted through city and private agencies in order to help transport people safely to emergency rooms to receive immediate care. EMT training only lasts for about 6 months and individuals can easily land a job working for a city’s fire department or a private ambulance company.

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Medical Billing Specialist

If you want to work in a more office-like setting within a hospital or clinic, consider a career as a medical billing specialist. These individuals work to properly bill patient insurance companies for medical treatments and services.

Healthcare IT analyst

Many hospitals and doctor’s offices have to implement wide-sweeping technological changes to their medical records management systems. Healthcare IT analysts are in great demand to help medical settings implement these new electronic records management laws.

Hospital Clergy

Many hospitals see the value in spiritual counseling and guidance as another form of treatment to help in patient recovery. If you are minister, rabbi, imam or another form of clergy, look into offering your services to hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

Personal Chef

Many patients have personalized diet regiments that they have to follow. Whether it’s a low sodium diet, or ketogenic meal plan, personal chefs are skilled cooks who know how to make delicious and satisfying meals while still abiding by a patient’s dietary needs.


Nutritionists and registered dietitians are used by hospitals and private physician offices to help individuals with weight loss management, develop personalized meal plans and also educate patients about the basis of human nutrition.

There are a plethora of more careers within the healthcare industry that people typically don’t think about. Talk with a career counselor to see what other options are available for you.

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