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The Art of Firing Employees

We can all admit no one like to be fired and no one likes to fire someone. It seems to be a lose-lose situation for both parties, especially the employee. In today’s economy, statistics have shown that more than 16 million employees have been fired or let go in this year alone. This is an astonishing number. The term “fired” is now commonly replaced with “laid off”, which attempts to be an easier pill to swallow. Many business experts claim that there is a “right” way to fire people. Let’s look at the factors that go into the art of firing.

Get to the Point

The worst thing that a boss or manager can do is drag an employee into a 120 minute conversation about why the employee is just not a match for the company. A long-winded “you’re fired” speech will only open the door to the employee “not understanding” what is being said. If the employee then suggests that they can change, you have dug yourself into an even deeper hole. As hard as it may be, you need to get to the point. Think of it as telling your parents something they don’t want to hear. Shout it out and run to your room and lock it. Well, don’t exactly do that in the work environment- but you get the point. Put your final decision, in regards to the employee, into a direct and concise statement. Relaying the message in this manner will ensure that both parties are well aware of what is going to take place.

Understand What the Person is Going Through

There is nothing worse than getting fired by someone that displays no empathy, or even sympathy, for you as an employee. It is hard enough getting fired, but getting fired by someone that is chuckling is even worse. As an employer, you have the responsibility of taking the feelings and emotions of an employee as your own, even if they won’t be your employee for long. You have the ability to make the firing process so much more pleasant by expressing to the nearly fired employee that you feel for them and their situation. If you look as if you are on the employee’s side, in regard to emotion, the person might take the news a tad bit better. The worst thing you can do, as an employer, is give off a joyful vine when firing someone.

Have a Legitimate Reason

This element of firing an employee is quite self-explanatory. You must have a legitimate reason to fire an employee, as stated by the government. If you fire one of your employees for a bogus reason, you will find yourself in an even bigger problem. Employees that are wrongfully fired often go after the employer, with the government on their side.

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