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The Basic Functions of An Interior Decorator

Most people decorate their own home interiors, which is why most homes end up with an eclectic assortment of furnishings and accessories that feature a wide variety of colors, textures, patterns, sizes, and styles that lack any semblance of a cohesive plan. This isn’t really your fault, though; it’s not like you went to school to learn how to select the elements needed to create a coherent style within your home that not only suits your personal aesthetic but also presents a unified design. However, there are professionals out there that have the knowledge and skill needed to create the designer interior you crave. But you need to select the appropriate vendor, and this requires you to know a little bit about what it is that interior decorators actually do.

As for what interior decorators are qualified to do, you should know that they are slightly different from interior designers in that they don’t make structural changes to your space. Their job is to decorate a room as it is laid out, so if you want someone who is going to engage in remodeling your home, an interior decorator cannot meet your needs. The reason this distinction has to be made is that structural changes should be planned and performed by licensed professionals, and interior decorators, as a rule, need not obtain such licensure for their general practice. That said, you’ll simply want to make sure that any interior decorator you hire is otherwise qualified for the job you want done insomuch as they have a degree in interior design, they can offer you references, and you like the work they have done for previous clients.

What interior decorators can do is create room designs that include floor plans, furnishings, and materials to be used. When you hire an interior decorator you’ll impart your requirements, including the needs the space must meet, any preferences you have when it comes to the elements to be included in the design, and of course, your budget for the project. Your decorator will then create a plan for your space that includes the type, size, and style of furnishings to be included, along with suggestions for materials to be used and a layout that shows you how the space will look when completed. They may provide you with swatches to choose from, including paint colors for the walls, fabrics for furniture and accessories like throw pillows and lamp shades, and even flooring materials, depending on the job you have in mind.

However, this professional can also find new furnishings and accessories for your home, or at least take you to outlets and help you to choose the pieces that will fit your new space, as well as securing the materials and supplies needed to overhaul any room in your home. And whether your interior decorator decides to get you a new couch or reupholster your old one, or opts to include wine-barrel décor and outdoor coffee tables in your space, their main goal is to create a room that is not only functional but also reflects your personal style, all while creating a unified whole. This is what you’re really paying for. You might save some money by copying a room design from a website or magazine you admire, but if you want a space that is truly your own, hiring this professional can help you to reach your goal.

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