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The Best Jobs for People That Love to Drive

For many of us, getting out on the road and letting the gas pedal sink to the floor is the cure for all of our ailments. Those who love to hear the revving of engines, relish the smell of gasoline, and like to see the world through a windshield better than any other way would do well to look for jobs that involve the activity they love–driving. This may come as a surprise to some of you, but not everyone enjoys driving. Some people actually hate it, which means there will always be a place for professional drivers in the world.

Couriers have great opportunities to make money behind the wheel. When people need things delivered fast, standard mail and FedEx are often just not quick enough to get the job done. This is where couriers come in. Imagine you needed a package delivered from New York to Boston before the end of the day. This happens in the business world more often than you’d expect. The only way to get the job done is to hire a courier. Aside from getting to drive all day, most couriers are independent contractors, meaning they have more freedom than most in deciding how much work they’ll do in a given day.

For the driver who is more of a people person, transporting people might be a little more interesting than carrying packages. As a limo driver you’d have the opportunity to meet lots of interesting, often high profile, clients and make a good living doing it. Limo drivers are typically paid a standard rate plus gratuity for their services. After acquiring the necessary licensing, many drivers choose to buy their own limousines and start building a steady client base outside of local companies so that they can keep all of the profits themselves.

Those who enjoy the long haul might perk up at the idea of getting paid to drive cross country. Truck drivers are needed in a variety of industries. Behind the wheel of a big rig, you might be responsible for the safe transport of anything from lumber to livestock, and you’ll be constantly on the move. This line of work often requires staying away from home for extended periods of time, but the pay bonuses for those who can make the long trips on time and with all cargo safely in tow are tasty indeed. Like many driving jobs, truck driving requires a special license–but once that license is obtained, the opportunities are nearly endless.

Driving work can grant lots of freedom and financial rewards to the dedicated worker, but will require some investment as well. Any driver who works as an owner/operator, putting his or her own vehicle to work every day, is going to need good insurance. You can compare vehicle insurance online to find the best policies for your vehicle and line of work using the most popular insurance comparison services. Licensing and insurance is of the utmost importance for working drivers, so be sure to have these things in order when you choose your line of work.

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